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    Hello, I wait for 1 item for 50 euros, but I have only 15 hours and I can not extend the term of protection, the extent to which the seller does not respond, and I think it even exists, because when I click on it and I can not find him. The second thing is that if you look where my goods are and shows me that 25.9. He stepped out of customs, which means that by Tuesday could come, but still protection period expires. Do I have to open a dispute ? Although the goods should theoretically come? ) Dakujem for help


    certainly open a dispute even if the goods are “near you”. May be corrupted, different size, color … Since August, although can open a dispute within 15 days of receipt of goods or after the deadline, but I’d rather it just opened. Otherwise, as in this dispute suggests, you will get back when the retailer no longer exists, so it will not respond within 5 days.


    I paid for a watch TWICE, it is on my BANK account, They will not refund my duplicate, they ask for there Payment successfully made statement. It only sent me one. They will not check there BANK account. The staff on there chat do not listen to the problem. They use the broken record routine of repeating the same wrong thing over and over again. Now they have lost my custom and any future references. This is after a long time dealing with them. I would advise anyone to STAY CLEAR of them in future as they dont listen to your complaint and do not resolve issues.
    I am now starting to warn others of what they might be dealing with if they have a problem. All this for a $15 watch.
    Stick to eBay and get real protection with PayPal.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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