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7 Mistakes when shopping on Aliexpress

7 Mistakes when shopping on Aliexpress

Here is our next article about shopping on Aliexpress, which will do your shopping more enjoyable and safer. Today topic is  about most common mistakes when shopping in China. If you want to ad anything to this article, what can be helpful for other, please share your thoughts or mistakes in comments under this article. After review we will add this in this article.


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Mistake 1: Acknowledgement of goods acceptance, before you really receive it

This is one of the most common mistakes. This is a big NO when buying on Aliexpress. In this case, never confirm it before you really have it and you are satisfied with it. Aliexpress will ask you at least 2 times, if you are sure confirming receipt of goods in your email. Be careful on what button are you clicking. Why is that a problem? If you have already confirmed , that you got your order and goods, you do not have opportunity to open a dispute and therefore you do not get your money back. Think about this mistake in future purchases or before your delivered goods.

Mistake 2: You are not watching a protection period

It is also one of the most common mistakes and many shoppers realized this protection period very late. Protection period has practical name – used to PROTECT YOU, to protect your money and goods for which you already paid. Watch it and if your period  is going to end and you still don`t have a goods, ask for extension of this period (in case, that you can track your order and see that it is moving from one city to another) or directly open the dispute (in case that your package does not have tracking number or package is a long time without any movement. Also do it if you are waiting for the package more than 59 days).

The protection period for you is not only important before accepting the goods, but also afterwards.First check and try your goods for few days and after that confirm acceptance of the goods. In case of any problems you have to open dispute. Feel free to ask the seller for extension of the protection period  also after receiving of your goods, and let him know the reason, why you want this extension. All sellers are interested in good feedback so there should not be a problem.

Mistake 3: To many orders

Personally, I buy a limited number of things at once (max 15-20 items). Why? Because I like to track all orders and than I got everything under control. If you handle it with plenty of orders at once – THUMBS UP!

If your order cannot be tracked  or my buyer protection period ends or the package has been stopped at customs and after sending required documents, i get no reply from anybody – it’s a signal for me – I have to take ACTION NOW! The word “now” is very important. These situations need to be resolved immediately and not later. After 4 months it would eb really late for any resolution – you would not be able to open dispute, you cannot change rating and feedback for seller, After longe period, your package cannot be tracked anymore, so at Customs, nobody will help you anymore. I prefer to order all at once, but successfully and smoothly, rather than order with confusion and with higher possibility to not get goods and even lose money.

Mistake 4: Changes seller ratings

Feedback is a general rating of seller and should include communication with seller, speed of delivery, satisfaction with the goods and others. When you describe in feedback complete situation you should not change your mind afterwards. What is the biggest mistake in here? Seller will try to convince you to change the rating to highest and he try to offers you, that he send you some money back to your Paypal account. Another option is offering you discount for next purchase in his shop.If you really decided to change your previous the rating, do so only after receiving the amount on your Paypal account or receiving discount coupon. Rating can be changed only from bad to good.  It does not work in reverse. So, when you give sellers a better ranking before, he don`t need to send you after anything on your Paypal and discount coupon. You will not have any opportunity to defend yourself.

Mistake  5: Always check you total amout before payment.

Before payment you always see total amount on your screen. You still have a chance to cancel the order or discuss with seller your final price. Pay attention to this part and amount to prevent unpleasant surprise when checking account statement after. It can happen, that even when searching for goods with free delivery, postage fee can be not included in first screen. This little fact people usually see too late and than you have to spend time on canceling the order, refunding, checking refund and than reordering goods again from better seller.

Mistake 6: Evidence, evidence, evidence

Did your package arrived damaged? Did you get only half of the goods? They detain goods at customs? All this can be solved, but everybody needs a proof. In the case of damaged goods, you need photos and videos. For smaller quantity of goods in package, the weight is always indicated on the envelope, so do not throw it away until you have a photo as proof. Detention of goods at customs  you need to privide photocopy of tis paper to seller. All this will help you to easily and quickly resolve any of your AliExpress disputes. Dont forget about it!

Mistake 7: When you fill the form incorrectly

When taking orders you should have enough time, be patient and really pay attention to what you click and what you fill. Is will save your time and remove future stress. If it happens, that you completed something wrong ( like choose the wrong color or size or did not write the correct address) do not panic and do not cancel all orders immediately. Contact the seller, explain the situation, refill information. It might happen, that seller himself suggests you to cancel the order and create new order again. Anyway this is not very common. However, if you will receive wrong items (wrong color) or because of wrong address you did not received anything, the previous communication will be used as proof after opening dispute. This is all good for your own protection to get your money back. Aliexpress will always help you and protect you from bad sellers.

Update: Added new common MISTAKES 8 – 12

Mistake 8: If a package was not delivered to you, some sellers are trying to persuade you to close the dispute, that they will return the money after dispute is closed. It is a big mistake, because the dispute will close itself when the seller sends you the money. In most cases seller don`t send you anything and you don`t have a chance to reopen dispute.

Mistake 9: Do not let them manipulate with you. Often seller you want you to wait for the arrival of the package (although it is clear,  that simply it will not arrive) and continues to extend the delivery time. Then, it might happen that you are waiting for the four months. Do not discuss with seller this kind of situation and in case seller don`t want to send you new package, immediately open dispute. Please describe briefly the situation and send the print screen conversations of you and seller to Aliexpress in dispute.

Mistake 10: Check if you really get money back. It happened to me, that the seller has promised me a refund, the dispute was closed. He was playing games with me that he forgot to send me money and waiting if I did not forget as well.

Mistake 11: Check the tracking numbers of packages  in Aliexpress … and if they really exists. I was waiting for a very expensive item and the tracking number appeared in my order. Status was, that my order has been sent. After 14 days was checking, where the is my package, as more expensive packages are delivered normally in 14 days. I discovered that the tracking number is blank. I wrote seller, and I got information that order was not processed as they don`t have my color. They wanted to send me package in weeks. So I started to argue with them and in few hours, my items were in the way to me 🙂

Mistake 12: If I buy electronics, I provide rating only after a longer time, until I properly test the product and in case of a problem I contact seller and see his reaction, who is he willing to help me.  After that I have good overview, what rating seller deserves.

Mistake 13: Users do not use the Aliexpress Superstar. We certainly recommend that everyone add and use it. You save a lot of money.


So, which of these mistakes is familiar to you? I hope you find this summary a little help, and these common mistakes to avoid next time. Please do not hesitate to write comments under this article or discussion on www.AliManic.com. You can add reviews of the items purchased on Aliexpress. For more reviews please check our Facebook page Ali Maniac – Photos and Tips. 


  1. I didn’t get my order and I did’nt open the dispute because I didn’t know how I do.. It was the first Order.
    what can I do?. Please I woluld get some good tips.

  2. You are so awesome! Ido not think I’ve truly read something like that before.
    So nice to find somebody with some original
    thoughts on thiis issue. Seriously.. thaank you for starting this up.
    This web site is one thing thuat is required on the
    internet, someone with a little originality!

  3. Very true especially the updated ones, I have also noticed the sellers offer free shipping via registered post, but dont send via registered post but ordinary post, and will try to persuade you to wait as according to them the time is ssame, but its NOT

    also before opening dispute sellers try to make you choose “Idont like the product” options, if we did that seller will get away and we will only have tears, I clearly tell them if they think of customers as stupid folks

  4. I have already ordered a product from aliexpress and when i track the product it is on local post but still not received any information how should I get it.

  5. What should I do if I didn’t receive my product but the tracking page shown item delivered successfully. Should I contact the seller or immediately open a dispute?? Thanks!

  6. Dear sir,
    In case a buyer receives a fake item, proving the same would be difficult. Even in case an item which is not functioning, proving the same would be difficult. What is to be done in these above cases ?

    Would it be alright to raise a dispute that the item is not delivered in such cases?

    How to return a defective item, if asked by the seller? In such cases, the item should pass through Customs Authorities,once again. In such case, how much time is required to get our money back from the seller What is the guarantee that the seller will refund our money after returning the defective item?

  7. Very good suggestions! Every now and then I receive an order with items missing. Some sellers are known for telling you they will send with the next order, because they want you to buy more. Always remember to NEVER confirm delivery of something if there is a problem with it, even the seller is pressuring you to do so.


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