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Monday, November 4, 2019

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World`s trend nowadays is the rapidly growing online shopping via mobile devices and aplications. This is especially true for Aliexpress. Some users of Aliexpress make their purchases just on the computer, where they have added extension called Aliexpress Superstar.


Big news in Google Play store, on October 18, 2019 was new mobile app called AliHistory. The application has a built-in official Aliexpress page and displays price history and seller rating for each product. It is a great copy of the Aliexpress Superstar extension used on a computer.




Click the icon to add the AliSuperstar widget to your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera):

Chrome icon  firefox icon  Opera icon


Click the icon to add the AliHistory widget to your mobile phone or tablet.

alihistory stahnout google play


With these super tools,  price history and seller ratings are automatically displayed for each product on Aliexpress. And knowing the price history of products is definitely worth, especially during discount events, where some sellers increase the price of their procucts before sales, and on day D  (eg November 11)  they reduce the prices as fake sales. With this mobile app or browser add-on, you will no longer buy overpriced items, because you can see the historical price before purchase.

Now you can use both tools – AliHistory as mobile app and a browser extension on your computer.


Important: A lot of Aliexpress apps have been created in Google Play, but none can do what AliHistory does. This is because the new app offers a view of the product history on official Aliexpress.com mobile site. You no longer need to use the official Aliexpress.com app. And that’s the biggest advantage of AliHistory. Everything is in one place.  


In this article, we’ll show you how to work with the new application. The application is easy to use and intuitive. You should be satisfied with the instructions that appear when you start the application. If you are not sure where to click and what to do, please check out this guide below. Everything is explained in detail here.

1. Install the application

AliHistory is FREE and you won’t find any ads inside. In the picture below you can see what AliHistory looks like in Google Play. Just click install to enjoy all its features.


Aliexpress AliHistory google play store app shopping

2. Application guide

The first time you open the app, you’ll see a quick guide. If you would like to see the guide again, you can find it in the application settings. To test what the app can do, follow the instructions in the guide or here in the article.

3. How to use the application

A) Click “Open Aliexpress”

After you have seen the guide, the introduction screen will appear. The red arrow prompts you to click “Open Aliexpress”.


Uvodni stranka ENG   

B) Choose a product

Clicking “Open Aliexpress” will take you to official Aliexpress com website. Choose the product you want to buy. When you open the selected product, you will see a price history chart, seller rating and orange button to add the product to AliHistory.

Graf a hodnoceni prodejce ENG

C) Price history chart

The price history graph shows you the prices for the last 3-6 months. You can use this chart all year round and also during discount events. At that time, price fluctuations are the biggest. Some sellers will increase the price before the event so they can decrease it again on the day of the event. This is called an artificially created sales without any discount. You should avoid such seller thanks to this price history.

ENG graf


Here’s an example of artificial discounts, and how to recognize them (The following example is not related to the image above).

ex. Dresses are normally sold in the range of $40 – $45, but before the sale starts, seller increase price few days before on $50, so on day D he will lower price like all other sellers with “big discount” for $42, which is actually the usual price of clothes during the year. There is no discount at all. But without a price chart you cannot decide if it is real sale or not.


D) Seller Rating

From our tutorials and discussions you already know, that it pays off to buy products from verified sellers. But how do you quickly identify such a seller? After you install AliHistory, you will see a smiley for each product + negative and positive facts about the seller. If the smiley is green, then this seller should be fine. After considering other factors such as price and feedback, we recommend that you buy it.


ENG graf


Seller information is obtained directly from Aliexpress. If the seller has yellow or red smiley, there is some problem with the seller. If this is the case, try searching for a different seller. On the other hand, the seller can get a red dot for being registered with Aliexpress only for a short period of time and has no customer history or ratings. So it does not necessarily mean that the goods will has poor quality. Of course, the risk is at your decision, as new sellers often have cheaper prices. Displayed data of rating  applies only to the Seller, NOT to specific products.


E) Discount notice for selected products

In this app, you can follow the product for which you want to track the price. On product detail page, click the orange “Track Product Price” button. The product will then be added to AliHistory. You can add more products and just click on the trash icon to remove any, ifyou dont need them. Price reduction notifications are automatically turned on in the app, and you will receive notifications when the product price is reduced by more than 5%. A discount of more than 5% is always calculated from the price when the product was added to AliHistory for tracking. If the price of the product at the time of adding was $100, you will receive a notification as soon as the price decreases to less than $95.

In the settings you can set the frequency of getting these notifications. You can select a frequency of 1 day, 2 days …. up to 7 days. So if you want to receive information about every price change, we recommend leaving the default setup of 1 day.

Seznam produktu ENG


In the picture you can see tracked products and it`s product name, seller rating, price and  search window for tracked products directly in AliHistory app.

  • The strike through price is the original price, it means the cost of the product when you started tracking it. This price will never change, and this amount will count the discount for the set notification.
  • The bold price is the current price that is the same as on Aliexpress.
  • In the colored box you see a percentage increase or decrease in price. In the red box the price of goods decreased and in green the price of goods increased


F) Settings

You can access the settings by clicking the gearb icon in the app and adjusting the preset values ​​here

  • Application language
  • The currency in which prices are converted
  • Turn price notifications on or off
  • The frequency of notifications, how often you want to receive price drop notifications.
  • If something goes wrong, be sure to click Check New Version. It’s possible that the problem has already been fixed and you just don’t have the current version of the app.
  • In case something does not work in the application, click on support and describe the problem. They react very fast.
  • Be sure to recommend the app also to your family and friends with Share button. Through sharing, simply send them a link to your chosen channel (whatsapp, messenger, viber, email, facebook, …)

Nastaveni ENG

At the end, we would like to say, that shopping on Aliexpress can be a very pleasant and  will save you a lot of money compared to local and foreign e-shops. It is important to know how the price of products evolves over time and whether the seller wants to offer you a real discount or just an artificial one. We certainly recommend using both tools.

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