6 tips to buy wedding dress on AliExpress

Author: Weru1991
Monday, August 19, 2019

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Each of us has a slightly different idea of their wedding. Somebody just wants a modest wedding with their family and someone wants a great fairy tale wedding with hundreds of guests. Thanks to Aliexpress, you can save a lot of money in the budget and use them for example for your honeymoon.

One of the things that you can save money on is wedding dress. Renting a wedding dress starts at 200 $ and can go up to 800 $. For this price you would get your own wedding dress from Aliexpress. We have prepared some tips for you to choose the right dress from Aliexpress.‍

1. Start with choosing the dress soon enough

As you know, getting goods from China can take up to 6 weeks in some cases. Customized wedding dress may take even longer, so start picking it in time. Since you will not be able to try your dress as it is usual in the salon, you will at least have time for any adjustments, if needed.

Selection of the best wedding dresses 

On our website you can find the best selection of the wedding dresses from verified sellers. Have a look into the section Wedding dresses.



2. Christmas and New Year

If you already have shopping experience in China, you have noticed that delivery times are longer before Christmas and during holidays. In this period, Aliexpress has increased number of orders. Often, however, the delay of the package is caused by local mail, that does not deliver delivery packages. So plan your order in advance. You should also know that Chinese New Year is celebrated China, begins on February 16 and lasts until March 2. All the factories are closed at this time and the sellers almost do not communicate.


3.Learn the proper terminology

Choosing your wedding dress can sometimes be difficult. You need to learn new terminology, such as different colors, types of fabrics or cuts. If you know what you are looking for, it will be easier to find and buy it.‍

wedding dress grown colors materials


‍4.Shop only by verified sellers

Simply said, you need to look at the number of orders of the dress, the number of stars and the seller’s rating.


5.Read the reviews and comments

‍Reviews from other buyers are one of the best references to tell you if to buy the dress or not. The buyers have no reason to lie, so they really write what they think about their clothes. You can see the reviews directly in the feedback section.

The review directly at the seller’s page looks like this.

How to buy wedding dress on Aliexpress China shopping tips (2)


6.Order custom made dress

Are you afraid that you do not have the classic size? Do not worry, because on Aliexpress you can also order custom made wedding dresses. When choosing a dress, simply click on Custom Size.


How to buy wedding dress on Aliexpress China shopping tips (6)


‍Then you’ll see this table where you’ll fill in your measures. Of course, always be in touch with the seller and possibly send him a photo of your body.

How to buy wedding dress on Aliexpress China shopping tips (5)


Good size of the dress  

When choosing the size of the dress, we recommend reading the article How to Choose the Right clothes and shoe size.


Bonus TIP: Buy also dress for bridesmaids

Not only you buy a wedding dress at Aliexpress, but you can also get dresses for your bridesmaids. For 12 $, you will get a luxurious dress that will remain as a memory to your wedding day. We selected our favorite dresses to show you. These dresses can be worn in several ways, so they are suitable for different types of events. For more dresses, check out the Evening Dress section.

How to buy wedding dress on Aliexpress China shopping tips (4)


In the photo below, you can be inspired by the colors of the dresses or different ways to wear them. Every bridesmaid can have her own style.

How to buy wedding dress on Aliexpress China shopping tips (3)


On Aliexpress you will also get various wedding decorations for a few dolars. For more tips, check out your Wedding of your dreams with Aliexpress article. We will be pleased if you share with us your experience with buying wedding dresses in China. Write your experience in a comment under the article.


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