8 Rules When Buying / Shopping On AliExpress

Author: Aliexpress Maniac
Sunday, March 7, 2021

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I would like to share with you a few tricks and tips, that help me with shopping in China. All is  based on my own shopping experience. In this article I will focus on portal AliExpress, but the same rules may be applied to other foreign e-shops and platforms.

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1. Where do I order from?

There is nothing worse than ordering from a website we know nothing about. Therefore we recommend to find information about the website before making an order. First use a Google.com, type a name of the website and ad one of the words – reviews, experiences. The reviews are commonly expressed by stars or percentage, so you understand it even without the knowledge of the language.


2. What do I know about the website?

If there is nothing to be found about the webpage on the internet, that should be a signal something might be wrong. It does not have to mean we found a scam page, but you should be careful. It is important to check payment options on the website. Prefer the possibility of PayPal payment, if included! Paypal offers a payment protection against fraud, not normally offered by banks while paying with your debet card.
Paying with a debet card on Aliexpress is safe. The money is transfered to the seller after your confirmation of an order. This service is called Buyer Protection. It is also important to check your address, purchase conditions, return of goods etc. in Terms and Conditions. Frauds often do not have Terms and Conditions. More information about this topic provided below.

Email scams 

Check the article about email scams, that you can receive from various e-shops. After reading the article Spam emails Aliexpress and PayPal – credit card abuse you will know more about the cyber frauds.


 3. Terms and Conditions

It is essential to know the terms of purchase, payment, returning of the goods before we make an order. These information help you in case of opening a dispute and protect your money. The customer that knows its right has the highest chance to protect his money. So do not be afraid to use your customer rights!


4. Buyer and seller rights

The terms and conditions do not protect only you. There are also important information for the seller. For example information about the postage not being paid by the seller, when goods are being returned. Also information about delivery time. When Aliexpress seller sets the delivery time to 25-50 days, do not complain on goods not being delievered in 30 days. You need to read and accept the rules of the seller, before you make an order.


5. What am I ordering?

It is impotrtant to realize the seller wants to impress the customer to buy his goods. They lure at low prices, actions, arranged photos of the goods. Some sellers even provide an information, that the goods are only INSPIRED by the photo provided. We recommend to always read the product describtion carefully, see the feedback for the real photo from another customers or try to find more sellers with the product. Be careful and you can save your disappointment from buying goods that will look different from photos provided on the website. We recommend to go through the feedback first before you make an order.


6. Be rational

You know yourself your body type, size, what material or cut fits you the best. Remember that you do not see yourself in the mirror in the clothes, when you buy it on the internet. Be rational about how the goods would fit you in real life. You deserve quality and clothes that fits for your money. Think about that!


Shopping fail china wedding dress aliexpress ebay amazon


Take a look at customers, who did not read the product describtion properly or did not see the real photo of the goods.

18 biggest online shopping fails in China (Amazon, eBay, AliExpress) 


7. Product describtion

In a store you can touch and try on the goods. You do not have this option on the internet, therefore you really need to focus on reading product describtion.

Please read the whole describtion carefully. If you find more information about the product size, contact the seller immediately and ask about the right size for 2 reasons:

  • Easier decision if you are interested in the goods
  • As a form of evidence in case of opening a dispute if the sizing does not fit the description.

Learn more about how to choose a right size of the goods in our manual.


8. Your own feedback

Feedback is usually very helpful for choosing a seller. We need to read carefuly through it. Not everyone likes the same things and we can be satisfied with material someone else cannot stand. Longer waiting period before the goods arrive can be a problem too. Someone thinks 10, 15, 30 days is too long. Do not be fooled and pay attention to the feedback about sizing, quality and the real photos of the item.

We all like feedback, because it is very helpful – do not forget to leave a feedback too to help others! Good feedback helps both seller and customer to get better. It is important to clearly describe what was good and what was wrong with the goods. Do not give just stars – this kind of feedback is not really helpful!

We wish you lot of succesful purchases, positive feedbacks and nice products. If you are looking for verified sellers and products, visit www.AliManiac.com. Other articles that could be interesting for you, are 7 most common Aliexpress shopping mistakes nebo How to buy an iPhone on Aliexpress.

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