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Adidas Superstar fashion sneakers from Aliexpress

Adidas Superstar fashion sneakers from Aliexpress

Adidas is well known brand all over the world. Products from Adidas are made in Indonesia, Thailand, China or other countries. Have you ever think about how the name of this brand was invented? We found this just because of this article. Adidas is combined name of the company’s founder, Adolf Dassler. To wear Adidas product is not just about comfortable materials or modern models, it`s about lifestyle. You can wear them with almost everything, they are comfy and cool. If you take them with skirt or jeans, it will be a great choice. We will show you how to find original or fake Superstar sneakers on Aliexpress.


How to find sneakers Adidas Superstar on Aliexpress

The main shortcuts for finding Adidas sneakers are Adidas, Adei, Ady, Adidos, Shampooers, AD, Abidas, Superstar, Superstar shoes.  Cheap Adidas are not always available. Link can be active only for a certain number of orders or time, and then seller will shut it. So if you see any link to your dream shoes, buy it now and do not wait. Link may be active just for an hour.

Adidas superstar fashion aliexpress brand


What is the difference between original and fake?

You can buy also original products on Aliexpress. But if you want to buy fake or original focus on these rules:

1. Price

  • You can buy original and cheap sneakers, but if the price is really low it`s the first sign, that this is fake.
  • Price of original Adidas Superstar sneakers: US $ 80
  • Price of fake: US $ 20

2. Feedback

  • We always recommend to read seller`s feedback. If there is no feedback, you can risk it or wait for some feedback. Other buyer will put there real photos and they can tell if it is fake or original product.

3. Different serial number on each shoes

  • if the numbers are same, it`s fake.

4. Wrong brand name

  • This concerns not only sneakers, but also clothing. It can be written on it Adidos or Addidas.

5. Box

  • original sneakers has always original box


Real photos of sneakers from Aliexpress

Unisex Adidas Superstar shoes for women and men

This is a real photo of Adidas Superstar. They look really good. Perfect product, perfect packing, perfect size and honest seller. I got it in two weeks, totally satisfied. Sellers offer sizes from US 5  to US 11, for European sizes it means EUR 36 to EUR 45. If you want to avoid paying taxes seller will send you shoes without the box. If you have any special requests contact seller in private message.

Adidas superstar fashion aliexpress brand real photo 2

It`s always about finding good seller. We recommend you to read these articles about Nike – 5 Tips to identify fake shoes or YETI cups and mugs on Aliexpress. Check out our Facebook page Aliexpress Tips & Photos.

Enjoy shopping on Aliexpress!


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