ALIEXPRESS PROMO CODES valid from 1.11. – 11.12.2022


In the article Aliexpress sale 11.11.2022 – new start is from 1.11. How to shop cheap and get coupons?, we have informed you in detail about the schedule of the entire discount event. Today we have Aliexpress promo codes for you, which you can use from 1.11. until 12.11. Codes doesn`t work on goods where you used coins for discount. So those who buy goods from a seller not involved in the Aliexpress sales campaign will benefit too.

Codes do not apply to goods that have a coin symbol under the name and written e.g. Extra 1% Off. You can see an example in the picture below.

coins Kupony coupon center Aliexpress slevovy kod 11.11.2022 mince

If you pay for the order and in the basket in the Summary after clicking on Saved you see Coins – see picture, it means that you have such a product in the basket with an Extra 1% Off discount and you cannot use the promo code. In that case, you’d better make two orders. One order where you use coins and another order where you use promo codes.

coins Kupony coupon center Aliexpress slevovy kod 11.11.2022 mince kosik

Aliexpress Promo codes

*Available for countries EXCEPT ship to: RU, UZ, AM, KZ, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, ES,  FR, BR, KR, US, SA, BH, KW, OM, QA, AE
Value: US $3 | Minimum spend: $40 with Code Name: 11DSale3
Value: US $7 | Minimum spend: $80 with Code Name: 11DSale7
Value: US $12 | Minimum spend: $120 with Code Name: 11DSale12
Value: US $17 | Minimum spend: $170 with Code Name: 11DSale17
Value: US $23 | Minimum spend: $230 with Code Name: 11DSale23

Valid during: Nov 1st to Nov12th, 2022 PST

Copy the promo code into the field where it says Enter code here and click Apply. You can find this option in the last step before paying for the order. So don’t look for it in the basket.

Promo kod Aliexpress sleva 11.11. nakupovani apply code pay

We tested the promo codes and they work. The minimum spend of 40, 80, 120, etc. dollars does not include postage and VAT. These promo codes are for items that you have not used a coin discount on. Enter the promo code in the Promo Code box.

Promo kod Aliexpress sleva 11.11. nakupovani code

You can get coupons here.

Link to coupon center on Aliexpress
IMPORTANT: We already know from the history of Aliexpress discount promotions that products are not always really discounted. Some sellers before 11.11. they will increase prices so that they can then reduce them on the day of mega discounts and thus create a fictitious discount. That’s why many of you are already using the proven Aliexpress Superstar browser utility. This tool will show you the price history for each product and you will see on the price chart whether it is really a special offer or just the seller is pulling your nose.


Graf AliSuperstar cenova historie 1111 2019 shopping festival CZ mikinaa

If you don’t know how to use discount coupons, please see How to use discount coupons on Aliexpress.

Do you have a question about 11.11? Don’t be afraid to ask!

Write your question or experience directly to the comment below the article.

Detailed information and conditions 11.11. can also be found on the Aliexpress website.

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