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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2016 on Aliexpress

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2016 on Aliexpress

Get ready for Christmas 2016! Yes, buying on AliExpress with the approaching holidays can become unpleasant things. There can be a problem with shipping time because of the amount of orders during the Christmas time.  If you want to buy your gifts without stress, we would recommend you to start shopping now. It`s the best and safe time, because if you really need your orders till Christmas, the last orders should be done till the end of October. Now you know when you should start shopping, but the other problem is WHAT to buy.

We advocate practical gifts – the ones that people can really use and will enjoy them. Get inspired by our tips!

For mother:

Mothers are our everything. It is probably the most important gift, so it is also the biggest challenge. Our moms have almost everything and they don`t want anything. Question is what we should buy for them? For example, a nice scarf.

Does your mother like baking or cooking? You can buy additions to the kitchen. If your mom bakes and cooks, certainly anything in the kitchen comes in handy. Whether it’s a new Christmas cookie cutters, silicone molds of various shapes or practical cutters for the kitchen.

Moms will be happy for little things like a home decoration. The joy they can make practical toothpick holder or cotton buds holder. Another tips are perfect cleaner of pots or beautiful tulips. These tulips are artificial flowers, but they look like a real one. You can see a lot of photos in feedback.

aliexpress Tipy na Vánoce 2015 z Aliexpress

For daddy:

With a gift for dad is even harder. You don`t want to buy him socks like every year. Aliexpress is great in this, you can find there plenty of gifts for everybody. Is your father a smoker? Try to look for a new ash tray or what about new lighter. Another tips are very nice watches or leather bag. Does your daddy love fishing? Check this fishing products. All the products are very nice and you can buy super gifts for daddy on Aliexpress.

aliexpress Dárek pro tatínka na Vánoce

For brother or sister:

Siblings are always there for us. We know them best and we know what they secretly desire. If your brother is an avid player of games, AliExpress will be paradise for you. There are t-shirts with the theme of the games or various collecting trinkets and posters. Your sister will definitely appreciate something from clothes or jewelry.

aliexpress Dárek pro sestru na Vánoce

For friends:

Relatives, friends, best friends and girlfriends. Enter a keyword that you are looking for and choose. For example they like anything with frogs, lady bug or lavender. If you want to buy something funny, you can try funny socks or  Santa reindeer antler hat. Do you like funny gifts? There are plenty of crazy things, just choose what you prefer.

aliexpress Vánoční dárek pro kamarádku

For partners (girlfriend or boyfriend):

Buying gifts for your partner is consider to be the easiest one. You live with them, you know what they need or secretly want. If your boyfriend loves grilling you can buy him special apron at the grill, so he will look even better! Does your wife love cooking? So, tell her to write list of things what she needs in kitchen. You can choose what you will buy for her. And you know that it will be definitely something what she would enjoy. Kitchen inspiration  is here. We recommend also these lovely sweatshirts for couples. 🙂


aliexpress Dárek pro přítele nebo přítelkyni na Vánoce

For kids:

Kids have always some hero or favorite characters from fairy tale. Last year it was Anna and Elsa from fairy tale Frozen.  You can buy them dolls Anna and Elsa or dress for princess. Boys will appreciate lego or  characters from fairy tales Minions. was a very popular gift for girls and dress the characters from the fairy tale kingdom of ice. For boys it was a lego characters from fairy tales Minions. For baby you can choose from a variety of accessories for photography, nice plush toys or baby shoes.

aliexpress Dárek pro děti na Aliexpress Mimoni

AliExpress offers a lot. So if you want to save a lot of money and make your friends and family happy, it`s a great choice. The sooner you start buying Christmas gifts, the sooner you’ll have time to enjoy the Christmas time.

If you have any inspiration for Christmas gifts, feel free to share it with us! Another article will be about Christmas baking.

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