Best Picks of 50 products for 11.11. on Aliexpress 2018


In this article, we have picked best 50 products that are worth buying on 11.11.2018. At the same time, you can inspire yourself on Christmas presents tips as well. You will find something for everyone. Go through all the pages of the article. We will be glad when you submit the comment with product you would like to get for Christmas. This will be great help for others when deciding what products to buy for Christmas.

IMPORTANT: Aliexpress Day 11.11. is coming soon. From history, some of you already know, that products are not always in discount at all. Some sellers raise the prices before 11.11. so they can reduce them on the Aliexpress Day to make a fake discount. That’s why many buyers have installed the Aliexpress Superstar browser add-on, that will show you a pricing history and you will see if it really is an sale offer or fake discout. More than 15,000 users are already using this tool. If you do not have this add-on on your browser, you should definitely add it NOW. You will use it on 11.11. but also during whole year. This add-on has more features, such as displaying different currencies or searching for cheaper goods from another sellers, etc. We have described all features in the article Aliexpress History and Price Comparison, and also in the video here Aliexpress Superstar.

We’ve just used the Aliexpress Superstar plugin to choose the best products. Verify before you pay for the goods whether or not it`s really worth it. You can see a sample of price history in the image below.

Aliexpress 11.11.2018 shopping festival tips 1



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