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Car video camera surveillance from Aliexpress – review

Car video camera surveillance from Aliexpress – review

How many times did it happen to you that you failed to cope with the other part of a car crash. Or that it was not your fault, but the insurance was not paid to you, because there were no witnesses? It happened to me once, so I bought a camera to my car. Nowadays, more and more people are using it. If you are a professional driver, it’s probably a must to have it in your car.

I chose for you the cheap Aliexpress cameras that record well and you can use it in different situations.

GT300 video camera

This is a small car camera that records in HD and the viewing angle is 100 °. Recording works by plugging the charger into the lighter. After that it automatically turns on and starts to record. The camera has a built-in small battery, but it’s not meant for recording, just to save the video. The camera has mini USB, mini HDMI and AV outlets. The video is recorded in AVI, MJPG and is stored to SD card of a maximum capacity of 32GB. The menu is in English and other world languages on the screen of 2 inches. The GT300 camera can be purchased in two color variations, both black and blue. If you are looking for a cheap and good camera to your car, this is right for you.



GT300-Kamera-do-auta- Aliexpress

 GT300-Kamera-do-auta- Aliexpress 2



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G30 video camera

The G30 is slightly larger than the GT300, but it is not a problem. The package includes a camera, car holder and car charger. It also records in HD resolution and the viewing angle is 140 °. Inputs and outputs are mini USB, mini HDMI and AV out. Camera recording is sharper than the GT300, but it has colder colors. Otherwise, almost everything is the same. In both cameras there is a built-in microphone that records audio to the video. You can quickly turn off the sound with a single button. In the camera you can find different settings such as length of the recording or cyclical recording and deleting of the recordings. The only thing that did not work on my camera was locking the record. Otherwise, I also recommend this camera. 



G30-Kamera-do-auta- Aliexpress 2

G30-Kamera-do-auta- Aliexpress


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K6000 video camera

I was choosing cameras that cost about $ 15. I bought this camera for 18 dollars and it is recording really bad! It does not record in HD quality and has no HDMI port, so I opened a dispute. I had the experience with this camera about a year ago when I bought it for $ 8. The price is equivalent to the quality. If you really want to buy some camera, invest at least $ 25 into it. Still, ask the seller if it records in HD resolution. But why buying an expensive camera, when you can buy G30 and GT300 cameras much cheaper than this one. I definitely do not recommend this K6000 to buy.




FAKE-K6000-Kamera-do-auta-Aliexpress 2


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Definitely consider buying a car camera, you will not regret it. It’s a good thing when someone crashes you and goes away. You can use your record for the insurance company or the police. Do not be afraid to buy things from China. Shopping is a lot cheaper and it will definitely pay off. If you like this article, definitely share it. I look forward to seeing you by another article.



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