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Crashed AirCraft carried packages from Aliexpress

Crashed AirCraft carried packages from Aliexpress

What happened and how to determine whether your package on board the aircraft?

In Kyrgyzstan on Monday morning while attempting to land in heavy fog crashed Turkish aircraft. Killing at least 37 people, including the four crew members. Most people died in the houses, in which the plane crashed, according to rescuers is among them six children. The aircraft of type Boeing 747 heading from Hong Kong to Istanbul crashed near Manas International Airport, which is the capital of Bishkek, located about 25 kilometers.


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Kyrgyzstan has scheduled machine stop. According to the Government of Kyrgyzstan, Interfax was demolished fifteen houses.

Kyrgyz authorities have informed that the machine should be Turkish Turkish Airlines. That, however, refuted it. Although the machine flew under the name BP, but was one of ACT Airlines, known as My Cargo Airlines. According to ACT plane crashed while landing at the end of the runway under unclear circumstances.


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The plane was carrying and the package that you order on AliExpress. AliExpress froze all dispatched orders that were on board. What exactly is frozen order and what is the procedure to refund your money, read the article FROZEN ORDER – refund.


 Package is undeliverable due to act airline accident

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How to tell if your packages were on board the plane?

  1. Log in to your account AliExpress
  2. Click on the My Orders
  3. In the order, you should see the status Frozen Order
  4. Look into the details of your order
  5. The procedure for the refund, see this article. Your money will certainly come.



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