Discount coupons and promo codes for 11.11. Advices and tips on how to save money

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

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We have discount codes for the 11.11 sales day for you.  Sale period is from 11th Nov 00:00:00-12th Nov 23:59:59 PST (2 days) and you can use these codes during this period. Read more about the discount offer 11.11. in our last article. We recommend that you select the goods now, put them in the basket and use the discount code at the beginning of the sales promotion.

From our experience we can tell you that at the discount offer Aliexpress 11.11. it is not a question of reducing the prices of goods, but of using discount coupons. You can verify this yourself using the free AliSuperstar utility. According to AliSuperstar’s price charts, you will see that the price reduction is certainly not 70-90%, as Aliexpress promotes on its website. On the other hand, if you look at the development of the price of the goods and use a discount coupon, the purchase will be advantageous for you. In addition, you will use the AliSuperstar supplement when shopping all year round, not only on 11 November.


aliexpress discount coupons 11.11.2021 china shopping sm


I want to try AliSuperstar


Promo codes 11.11


Codes for countries not in Relevant markets/ES/FR/BR/PL/KR/SA, all products on Aliexpress (valid for 11.11.2021 PST – 12.11.2021 PST)

1) $9 OFF $65 with code: 965DOUBLE11
$12 OFF $100 with code: 12100DOUBLE
$18 OFF $150 with code: 18150DOUBLE
$23 OFF $190 with code: 23190DOUBLE
$30 OFF $250 with code: 30250DOUBLE

  2) Codes for SA, all products on Aliexpress (valid for 11.11.2021 PST – 12.11.2021 PST)

$2.6 OFF $18.1 with code: SADOUBLE2
$3.9 OFF $25.9 with code: SADOUBLE3
$7.8 OFF $51.9 with code: SADOUBLE7
$11.7 OFF $77.9 with code: SADOUBLE11
$19.5 OFF $129.8 with code: SADOUBLE19

 3) Codes for KR, all products on Aliexpress (valid for 11.11.2021 PST – 12.11.2021 PST)

$5 OFF $50 with code: KR12
$7 OFF $70 with code: KR14
$8 OFF $80 with code: KR15
$10 OFF $100 with code: KR17

  4) BR Codes for Ship to BR only, All products on Aliexpress (valid for 11.11.2021 PST – 12.11.2021 PST)

BRL 50 OFF BRL 280 with code: D11liquida
BRL 85 OFF BRL 565 with code: D11compre
BRL 170 OFF BRL 1,170 with code: D11ganhamais
BRL 250 OFF BRL 1,700 with code: D11useagora


If you are unfamiliar with how discount coupons work, see our How to Use Discount Coupons on Aliexpress guide.


What should I do if I want to shop & save on 11.11.?

  1. Installing the Aliexpress Superstar add-on – link to install it here
  2. Check the price history of the products – you will verify that you will not buy at a higher price than you have to
  3. Choose the right shipping, whether you don’t have to deal with customs declarations or postage fees – choose Aliexpress Standard Shipping (Applies to the states of the European Union)
  4. Add items to cart
  5. Get discount coupons on the Aliexpress website (before 11/11) or use our coupons above
  6. Checking the goods in the basket on 11.11
  7. Check if discount coupons have been applied
  8. Pay – if you can’t pay, try again later. The system is sometimes overloaded. Alternatively, check the limit on your card.


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