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The time for downloading movies, series and music is probably over. Today, a large number of people around the world use a more convenient route. Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video and others provide us large amount of movies, music and series. However, this is a paid service, which is why people are looking for a way to get on the offer of these platforms at the lowest possible price. You can buy most of the listed providers on Aliexpress. We focused on the popular online movie and series provider Netflix.


What is Netflix?

It is an American provider of movies and series online. The company was officially founded in August 1997 by entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in California. Gradually, they developed and became the first international streaming service of its kind. Netflix can be found in 190 countries around the world. There are exceptions such as China, Syria and North Korea. The magic of Netflix is ​​that the range of movies is constantly changing. Different countries has different offer of movies.  There are about 5,500 films and series on offer in the Czech Republic. The offer of movies is changes on Netflix really every day. Some titles are increasing and others are disappearing. In the long run more and more titles are available.


How much does Netflix vs Aliexpress cost?

You can buy Netflix in three different tariffs. So, if you make an agreament with family or friends, you can pay for Premium tariff $5 per month ($19.99/4 = $5). You should only share an account with members of the same household, but Netflix still overlooks this sharing with friends and family.






Monthly cost* (United States Dollar)




Number of screens you can watch on at the same time




Number of phones or tablets you can have downloads on




Unlimited movies, TV shows and mobile games

Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet

HD available

Ultra HD available



Price on Aliexpress

You can buy a monthly Netflix subscription on Aliexpress for about $2.5/1 account (screen).

How does an Aliexpress subscription work?

Search Netflix on Aliexpress via this link and choose a seller.

Link to Netflix from Aliexpress


  1. Order Netflix for the required time, in what resolution you want it and on how many devices – we recommend ordering for 1 month. It can happen that the seller will be canceled and you will not be able to get your money back in case your account stops working.
  2. The seller will send you a message with email and password to log in to your Netflix account – some sellers state that they will send it within 10 minutes. But count more in one day.


Netflix Aliexpress levne koupit zkusenosti recenze

1 screen 4K – it means one screen, one account for 1 person in 4K resolution

5 screen 4K – means 5 screens, 5 accounts can be watched by Netflix at the same time. For example you, your sibling, neighbor, child and grandmother.

1M – means 1 month, etc.

Lifetime use – a Netflix account for life 🙂

Netflix Aliexpress levne koupit zkusenosti recenze rozliseni


How avoid paying VAT?

Due to the fact that the seller will not physically deliver anything to you, you can avoid paying VAT. All you have to do is change your delivery address outside the EU.

TIP for everyone who shop on Aliexpress: Try the Aliexpress Superstar browser add-on! This tool is unique and will help you orient yourself better when shopping on Aliexpress. Thanks to it, you will find out, for example, the price history for each product, filter shipping method Alixpress Standard shipping, find out the rating of the seller from whom you buy the goods, search for any product on Aliexpress according to any image from the Internet, you can converted to different currencies. And most importantly, you will receive a notification that your protection period is coming to an end, so you will never forget to open a dispute in time and you will not lose money unnecessarily. You will not pay anything for try. Everything is FREE. The add-on is already used by 30,000 users. Add it to your browser here too.


Experience of shoppers with Netflix from Aliexpress

“Absolutely fine, I bought ultra quality here for a month for $2.5. Even the account worked as long as that month.”

“Yes, I normally bought 1 screen, 1 month, it cost $2.61.”

“I have, I buy on the recommendation of the page only for a month, the first account worked for 1.5 months.”

“For the price of less than 3 €, about 2 times it was necessary to change the email and password. I always contacted the seller and he sent it to me in a message. A few days ago the account was turned off (almost 14 days was for free). The principle is that you buy, pay and wait for a message from the seller in which (sometimes within a few hours) he sends an email and password and also the account number through which you have to log in.  I’m fine without problems so far, but as I wrote above, I won’t buy more than a month.”

“Everything works ok.”

“I always buy it from one seller … I have no problem, I’m still fine. I don’t recommend buying it for a whole year. I prefer 3 months, where the protection period is 90 days.”

“The seller is always different. The price is about $2.5. I buy for a month or 20 days. And it lasts 2 months to run without a problem. Then I buy again.”

Do you know why the seller will disappear from Aliexpress after a while?

This sale of Netflix accounts is against Aliexpress rules. Therefore, Aliexpress will cancel the sellers store. But they will create a new store where you can shop again. If you have ever tried to order a fake clothes, it is something similar. At one point, the seller offers Nike sneakers, and the next day he no longer exists. However, the goods are delivered to you.

My account has stopped working. Can I open a dispute?

Unfortunately, if the period of 15 days has run away from the delivery of the goods, the dispute cannot be opened. Try contacting the seller to send you new login details.

If less than 15 days have passed, first try to write to the seller and only then open a dispute. Don’t forget to include a screenshot of the error in your complaint. Aliexpress should refund your money immediately, as this is against Aliexpress rules.

But as you read above, the experience with Netflix is ​​rather positive. If you have decided to try this way of watching Netflix, be sure to share your experience with us in the comments.

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