Get 4 dollar coupon on Aliexpress for FREE


AliExpress prepared for newly registered members a gift. Join Aliexpress and get $4 coupon for your purchase of $20 or more. It`s exclusive promotion for newly joined members. First come, first served! Go and register here.

ATTENTION! Quantity of coupons is to limit.


registration coupon Aliexpress


Discount coupon and Terms & Conditions

Promotion Period: The Event begins September 19, 2016 at 00:00:00 PDT and ends September 30, 2016 at 23:59:59 PDT.

Coupon can only get:

  • Newly registered member on
  • Registered member who has never done any order or purchase at
  • during the Promotion Period, registers a new payment card (credit or debit) to their account, (“New Member”)

TIP: After registration your credit card on AliPay it can be removed or changed, so anybody can get this $4 coupon.


Registration form

To register, you need a working e mail address, name, password and enter the code from the image. To register, refer to the instruction manual How to register on Aliexpress.



How do you generate coupon?

After successful registration, you can generate your coupon. Click on this link and you will see options to generate a coupon. Then click Get Free Coupon or Buy for $ 0.01.


Generated coupon for $ 4

After clicking on Get Free Coupon you must see this message. Copy the text from the image and click on the Get My Coupon Now. You must see message Congratulation!, as you can see in the picture. It means that your coupon was generated successfully. You can see there time when you can use your coupon ie. 19 September 2016 – 30 September 2016. The voucher can be used on all products from AliExpress. But ATTENTION this coupon can be used above US $20 order.



Your coupon you can find in the tab My Coupons – Coupons AliExpress.


Shop for FREE on Aliexpress

If you buy a coupon for US $ 0.01, you can make purchase for US $ 2! It`s 99 % discount! The only condition is that you have to spend US $ 2.01! You can buy new necklace or watch almost for free. Quantity of coupons is limited. First come, first serve. The picture shows that there is 14,500 pieces left for whole world!


Error message

If you have a problem to generate your coupon you`ll see this pop up message. It means that you are not authorized to generate the coupon. You’ve probably already done some order or coupons are no longer available. If you’ve done everything according to procedure and according to the rules, so try to generate a coupon in a few minutes.



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