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How to find the original NIKE sneakers on AliExpress

How to find the original NIKE sneakers on AliExpress

If you are used to buy in China, you know that you can buy here quality items for a great price. The advantage fo you is, to know how to choose good seller and product. On AliExpress you can buy whatever you need, it can be pants, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, underwear and shoes. In this article we will focus on buying branded shoes NIKE. This brand is very good and Nike has a lot of regular customers. The market offers you shoes for men, women and also for children. First, you need to learn, how to find the original NIKE shoes on AliExpress and then we will recommend  you the best selling sports equipment and clothing on AliExpress.


How to search for original NIKE shoes

The main models of Nike include Rosh Nike Nike, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Janoška, Nike Air Max, Air Force 1 and the Nike Huarache. If you are looking for an original footwear and not FAKE, you have to type in search window  on Ali what are you looking for and add to you phrase extra word original. In our case, we are looking for running shoes Nike, so the text in search field will be as follows: Nike running original.

Please have a loo on picture below, so see what we mean. The red arrows  are pointing on what you should be focusing while choosing best products


original shoes NIKE aliexpress ENG


We recommend to sort shoes by the number of orders (Orders) and choose by seller rating. This should be your first indicator. If you’re starting on the AliExpress, check the instructions on how to select the right vendor and avoid the bad sellers. According to the ranking, we chosen this seller of Nike Air Max 90’s.


original shoes NIKE aliexpress ENG


Another thing to focus is whether the goods has Genuine Guarantee of the originality of the product. Vendor who has written in product details Guaranteed Genuine means that seller is involved in a special program of AliExpress. This label guarantees you a money back in case you get fake and not the original product. You will get a full refund (shipping costs included) from the seller. You can see the mark on the picture below.


aliexpress-3 nike fake obuv aliexpress


Not all products on AliExpress.com come with this guarantee. You can submit refund requests up to 15 days after your order has been completed. If the seller is selling counterfeit products, and he is using Guaranteed Genuine symbol, that kind of seller is violating the rules of Aliexpress. The seller may be eliminated from AliExpress. If you are unsure whether the product is fake or original, we advise you to contact the seller and ask directly. Sometimes you can find original products for very special price and they are not really not FAKE.

Best sellers of sports equipment and clothing

This is a selection of shops, that offer also other brands. For example Puma, Adidas, Converse and others. Click on the store name and you will be redirected to the shop.

Best Sport Store

This seller offers women’s and men’s wear, Nike shoes, clothing. It all offers other brands.


Another seller, which has lot of branded products in their list.

Relee Sports Shop

The seller is on AliExpress so long, that is among the certified sellers. Seller offers brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse and others. Not only  footwear and sportswear but also jackets, t-shirts, leggings, pants, shorts or even backpacks. You can also inspire with article Best sellers on AliExpress.



Be careful about buying products on social networks

Beware of sellers on Facebook and various bazaars. If you decide to take a chance and trust uncertified person on the internet, at least, never send money in advance. You can`t open the dispute with some strangers from social networks. For your ordes choose quality and certified dealer.

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