Home Aliexpress Articles Information about 29.3. 2016 on Aliexpress

Information about 29.3. 2016 on Aliexpress

Information about 29.3. 2016 on Aliexpress

AliExpress celebrates the sixth anniversary sale! To celebrate this has prepared various events and will be giving away millions of American dollars worth of coupons. Everything about AliExpress anniversary will take place over a mobile app. To give you any discounts and coupons functioned fine, so it is necessary to have a new version (4.8.3). Mobile apps AliExpress. For him install a clicking the appropriate button, depending on what operating system you have on your mobile.


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When and what would become an app on AliExpress

Here’s a quick overview of the upcoming promotions. Unless you somewhat interested, just click on the name of the events below and you will be automatically directed to the AliExpress.

The party starts at 14.3. – 28.3.


Become Face of Aliexpress – Put on your photo and win a coupon for $ 100. The winner is the one who will have the most “Likes”. And if you are the first person who puts a photo of our country and win an automatic 10 USD voucher. To add photos on mobile click here . Look at the Terms and Conditions of AliExpress .

New app users – those who still shopped for a mobile app and will have the chance to win coupons totaling 15 USD. When and at what threshold must take advantage of coupons, visit conditions AliExpress .

Be ready 21.3. –  28.3.


Secret code – Select one of the coupons that you would like the secret codes and paste it into the search box. Then open the “package” and see what you’ve won. The codes are changed every four hours. First come, first serve. Conditions for a given codes are here.

Freebies – freebies are products that can literally win FREE. By opting for the competition, if you selected the goods you buy for $ 0.01. Check out what’s in today DEALS.

Action goods – already now you see that the goods will be in action March 29, 2016. You can give directly to filter Anniversary Sale .

Coupons – there will be a variety of coupons, which can be found on your mobile app AliExpress

Play games – to aliExpress there are a few games. Playing getting coins, which can then barter for coupons. Raz You can also play on the computer. The residue again only on the mobile app.

SALES begins 29.3


The sale begins – Action goods is limited to Mobile app AliExpress

Discounts on selected designer goods

Flash Deals – again, just for a mobile app. Goods is in Flash Deals only a few hours, and only a limited amount.


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