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What do you imagine when you hear Michael Kors (MK) ? Most of you beautiful handbags, luxury watches or stylish purses. Michael Kors is the name of man who created this brand. This brand usually buy modern women. It`s so popular that also famous stars as Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michelle Obama wears it. Fashion is simple but stylish. You can find shoes, handbags, watches, jewelry or clothing. It`s not that easy to find this brand on Aliexpress, but with this article it will be much more fun. If you are looking for another brand, please see our article about brands and codes.

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How to find Michael Kors brand on Aliexpress

To search brand Michael Kors on AliExpress use these shortcuts MK, Kors, Michaeled, Michelled, korss, MK, michaeles or Michael. Add the abbreviated English name of the product you are looking for. For example, if you encounter on designer handbags, so do not hesitate buying, because these products are usually displayed on AliExpress very shortly. Therefore we have sought special reference to the most popular handbags and wallets.

Handbags MK

The collection of handbags designer handbags MK refer timeless design and luxurious appearance. Handbags of this brand are a real highlight.  There are many kind of bags on aliexpress, different sizes, colors or shapes. Definitely everyone will pick some. One of the most popular handbags is this larger one with longer handles.


1. Handbag Michael Kors



2. Handbag Michael Kors



3. Handbag MK



4. Bag MK



Wallets MK

Surface purses often made of leather or stainless PVC logo MK. Wallet will last and will be pleased to recommend suitably combined with a handbag. When choosing a gift, so black wallet is a good choice and universal. On AliExpress you can order these beautiful Michael Kors wallets.

Wallets Michael Kors



michael-kors-mk-aliexpress-penezenka-znacka                                 michael-kors-mk-aliexpress-penezenka-znacka


Watches MK

Watch Michael Kors



Link for Michael Kors


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Bags from Aliexpress






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  1. Hi there, when I search in aliexpress I don’t find this bag at that price. I only find ones that cost over R1000. I’m based in South Africa and need shipping here for replica Michael kors bags. I tried searching the title and also the different MK names you listed as well and nothing came up


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