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Sunday, July 1, 2018

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Are you searching for a toy for both adults and kids? In this article I will introduce you the best mini drones for using at home and outside. Learn how to fly with them is not difficult at all! It is enough to fly with it for 15 minutes in your bedroom and you become a pro in it. Mini drones are suitable fro kids from 14 years old, but I think that 10 years old kids can manage that too. So here we go, the first one is the durable drone H36 from JJRC company.

Durable drone JJRC H36

This mini drone is resistant to impact and destruction of propellers. You can crush the wall or furniture with it and it just bounces back and flies on. Therefore it is suitable for kids, that can not destroy it easily. The advantage of JJRC drones is that they have a removable battery. You can buy it extra, charge and fly for a long time without the need for constant charging. This drone can do many acrobatic features. Just press the right top button, choose the direction and the drone will make wonderful flips. It can flip forward, backward, right or left. It also has “Return to home” function. This function means that the drone returns itself to the transmitter. It works only within ten meters. I really recommend to buy this drone.


– Dimensions 85x85x30 mm

– control distance up to 40 m

– Flight time 5-6 minutes

– Charge time of one battery 40 min

– 3.7V 150mAh battery

Advantages: durability, acrobatic mode, removable battery

Disadvantages: Only outdoor flying in calm air

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Mini Dron Mini Dron 2

WiFi drone CHEERSON CX-10W

This mini drone is the smallest I’ve ever tested, but it is loaded with electronics. It has WiFi, FPV, camera and 6-axis gyroscope. It is controlled via the phone application. The app can be downloaded on both the Android and iOS mobile phones. Dron sends its WiFi network and you connect to it with your mobile phone. The camera is used for online image transfer to your mobile phone and you can record or take pictures with it. The quality is not great, but even a 0.3 megapixel camera can record a good record. You control the drone with two joysticks on your mobile screen or by tilting your mobile phone (if you have a gyroscope on your device). All settings can be made via the CX-10W application. This drone is really miniature and you enjoy a lot of fun with it. The only disadvantages of this are the built-in battery, the absence of propeller protection and more difficult flight control.


– Dimensions 62x62x20 mm

– Control distance 15-30 m

– Flight time 4-5 minutes

– Charge time of one battery 50 min

– 3.7V 150mAh battery

Advantages: WiFi, application, online transmission, camera, filming and photographing

Disadvantages:  Short battery life, absence of propeller protection, more difficult control

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Mini Wifi Dron Mini Wifi Dron 2

Continue reading the article on page 2 for a further review of Hexacopter and a final recommendation for buying a drone.

Hexacopter JJRC H20

This last mini dron has 6 propellers, so I call it a hexacopter. With these propellers it has excellent stability in the air and holds its position in the mild wind. It also has propeller protection, so you will not break the propellers, but it is not as good as the previous one. Even this drone is from JJRC company and has acrobatic mode, it also includes removable battery. It is also possible to fly with it in the mild wind. Drone is well lit, so you  can fly with it outside at night. Its advantages include precision control and good stability.

– Dimensions 105x100x25 mm

– Control distance up to 50 m

– Flight time 5-6 minutes

– Charge time of one battery 40 min

– 3.7V 150mAh battery

Advantages: 6 propellers, flying in mild wind, acrobatic mode, replaceable battery

Disadvantages: minimal protection of propellers

Video review:

Real photos:


Hexacoptera JJRC H20 Hexacoptera JJRC H20

Spare parts and maintenance:

In all the packages I received replacement propellers, charging cable and english manual. The drones are assembled so that each part can be replaced easily. That should not be a problem for a little skilled person. Spare parts can be easily ordered from the Aliexpress such as: motors, spare batteries, control panels. It is necessary to keep the motor in good condition and remove all clutter, dust, hair, etc from it. Drones should not be used in rain or in a damp room.


– If one of the propellers does not work after a fall, it is necessary to check if it is not pressed against the torso of the drone. That could cause the disability of rotation of the propeller. You also need to check the connection of power cables to the motor.
– After the drone falls, mechanical damage must be checked. Possibly you can try to stick the broken part.

Odkaz na Drony co unesou go PRO

Conclusion: Mini drones are a great toy for children and adults

JJRC company makes great drones and you enjoy a lot of fun with them. The drones have a balancing gyroscope, so we only control these movements: up, down, right, left, forward, back, and rotation. The recommended age for using a drone is 14 years, but 10 years old kids can also fly with them. It is a great fun for a little money. When some part of the drone breaks, you can easily get spare part and replace it. All the drones I tried were all right. There were no parts missing and they came in the original boxIf you are interested in other video tests and reviews, click on CZECH ALI TV – there are plenty of them. I hope you like the tests and you are looking forward to another articles.

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