8 myths about shopping on AliExpress


1. Shopping on AliExpress is dangerous

NOT. Shopping on AliExpress is really safe. AliExpress offers buyer protection for their customers which is very important. People all around the world are buying products from Aliexpress. I would recommend you to read all our articles about how to shop on Aliexpress and watch the FB page Ali Maniac – Photos and Tips.


2. Paying by card is dangerous

NOT. Card payments on AliExpress is equally (un) safe use of such cards at an ATM or in your favorite store. When you are using card, just don`t forget important basic rules:

a) data from the card put just in window to pay, nowhere else.

b) If you do not have a card available at all times, set up a Alipay. Alipay is a service similar to Paypal and protect your money. Set very good password – after all it is your money.

c) to pay on the Internet is best to have set limits on Internet transactions (the service is easy to operate via your internet banking). With this you will prevent to stole your all money.

3. Buying on AliExpress is complicated, I order through someone who will solve everything for me

NOT. Buying on AliExpress is simple as buying somewhere else. Our articles guides you through the registration, select the right product, explain basic terms, how to track your order, as well as how to write a review. This avoids the possibility problem if you do order through someone else. If you don`t know this person he can refuse to deal with any problems with your order or you simply will not deliver you order at all.

4. Product is poor

AliExpress offers goods from genuine high quality to really poor quality products. All depends on choosing the right seller. Selection of the best stores offers our page www.AliManiac.com. When you are choosing a good seller just focus on its review and feedback of the product. For real photos and tip please visit FB page Ali Maniac – Photos and Tips. Ordering from sellers without reviews is your own risk and may or may not turn out well. Anyway Aliexpress provides you support in the form Buyer Protection, and if the goods despite the positive reviews are not satisfied – you can Open the dispute.

5. I have to speak the language

NOT. Main language for Aliexpress is English, but you can switch to Portuguese, Spanish, French or Russian. You can also use Google translator to automatically translate to another language. Bear in ming that Google translator is machine and unfortunately sometimes translation just does not make sense.

online_ shopping

6. Postage is expensive

NOT. Most of the goods are sent without delivery fee. Just choose the products with Free Shipping. That kind of product can be selected at the begnning of searching. Surcharges are only for courier delivery. Notice – sometimes you have to do minimum order 5 $ to get Free Shipping. But this minimum purchase order is mostly applies on jewelry. So just pay attention and read whole product description where you can find all the information.

7. Clothing sizes are not correct

China’s sizes are really differemt from the European or American one, and it is good to keep in mind. It`s important to look at each product table size with rates for a given size. Products on AliExpress is sewing by hand and therefore each vendor offers its own table size.

8.Product doesn`t look as seller`s picture

The foundation is to choose seller with real photos of the goods, or look for real photo in feedback. After this you will have a better idea of what to expect and you will avoid disappointment. Sellers are trying to woo customer on very nice photos, but if you wanna be sure just write to seller and ask for real photo. Solid sellers don`t have problem with sending real photos.


If you liked this article or if you have any questions, please write a comment below. We are preparing more articles that will help you with shopping on Aliexpress. Don`t worry, just go shopping. For more reviews please check our facebook page Ali Maniac – Photos and Tips. 



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