New: Guaranteed 15-day delivery from Aliexpress


The new service from Aliexpress guarantees that for all products where 15-day delivery is indicated, the shipment will be delivered within 15 days. All products included in this shipment will be delivered within 15 days. The order value must be greater than US $10.02.

Where can I find the 15-day guarantee?

In the picture you can see the information about the 15-day guarantee. Under the Buy now and Add to cart buttons, you can also see the seller’s rating. You will also see this seller rating when you add the Aliexpress Superstar addon to your browser. It’s really worth it to shop from verified sellers.

shopping cart 15 day delivery

Information about the 15-day guarantee is also displayed in the categories when searching for products. See image below. Another great feature of the Aliexpress Superstar addon can be seen in the picture. The green frames automatically show you directly in the categories whether the seller offers Aliexpress Standard shipping or Aliexpress Saver shipping and also how much are shipping costs. This shipping method is verified on Aliexpress, where you are guaranteed that you will not have to deal with customs (If you are shopping from EU). Packages will come directly to your inbox if you have a product under 150 euros.

kategorie 15 dni garance aliexpress

What if the package is delayed?

For product with this service, Aliexpress assures you to receive the product by the specific date.

Delay coverage

If your order is delayed, you can apply for a coupon worth US $1 in your order detail page. Please note you only get one coupon per order and not per item. The order value must be greater than US $10.02.

Example: Today, with one payment, you will buy 3 products with a guarantee of delivery within 15 days and you will also meet the value of $10.02. However, for some reason, the delivery will not take place within 15 days. Aliexpress will send you an Aliexpress coupon worth US $1, not 3 coupons for all 3 products purchased.

We advise you: It is better to divide the large order into several smaller orders so that they all will be higher than US $10.02. This way, in case of a delay, Aliexpress will issue you multiple compensation coupons, as these will be separate shipments that are separately guaranteed to be delivered within 15 days.

Coupon usage

The coupon is valid for 60 days and is applicable on all orders above US $1 placed on Aliexpress.

In the image below you can see the basket and the automatic calculation. Here we would have to buy another US $3.68 to qualify for fast delivery with a 15-day guarantee and a subsequent compensation of US $1.

shopping cart 15 day delivery

Terms and conditions US $1 coupon

Coupon is valid for 60 days from receipt and applies to any order over US $1.

Summary of Terms:

I. One Guaranteed Delivery coupon is per order (including orders of multiple products shipped in multiple packages).

II. The expected delivery date is the information that is displayed on the order details page. There is also a warranty countdown.

III. For orders sent to pick-up locations, the package is considered delivered when it has been delivered to the pick-up location.

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