Nike – 5 Tips to identify fake shoes


In the article How to find the original NIKE shoes on AliExpress, you`ve had a chance to read about what to do before ordering the original Nike sneakers. After reading this article you would be able to see the difference between fake and original Nike shoes. When you receive your order, you can double check, if the seller send you original Nike product.


What is the difference between the original and fake

Before you order your running shoes, so you should read something about difference between the original and counterfeit product. You have shoes on your feet for several hours a day, so it’s not like buying a fake handbag. We have prepared for you 5 tips which should help to get know difference between the original and fake sneakers.


1. Price

The original brand Nike footwear is produced according to approved standards and procedures. Production runs through an inspections and compny is using only quality approved materials. Counterfeiters can use toxic glues which is not good for your body. Materials have very poor quality, which might not survive your first running race. This quality and used materials also affects the price of the goods, in this case the shoe. It is important to have a well-made shoes from quality materials. Let me give you price example of Nike Air Max 90 Essential:


  • price of FAKE Nike sneakers without tax and duty: $ 45
  • price of original Nike sneakers without tax and duty: $ 103
  • price of original Nike sneakers from regular e-shop: $ 166


aliexpress-nike fake obuv aliexpress fejk 88


2. Warranty


You always get a warranty with the original shoes and shoes will be delivered or sold in a Nike cardboard box. Some retailers indicates that  they will not send the box to you, because of customs duties and VAT. However, if you insist to have the box included with your order, just write them a message. The orrigianl seller will be happy to include the box in your order.

aliexpress-nike fake obuv aliexpress fejk 86


3. Quality of the shoes

If you have already  ordered new shoes, but you are unsure, whether it is fake or original,  follow this instruction for investigate quality of your shoes. Here is basic characteristics:

  • quality sewing, how tight shoes were sewn. Shoes can be broken in several km/miles.
  • logo is a crisp sticker and comes off during sweating or after rain
  • glue overflows more than it should
  • the colors are not so bright
  • design looks differently than the original
  • fake shoes may also have a bad smell

You can see the difference between counterfeit and original sneakers below.


aliexpress-nike fake obuv aliexpress fejk


4. Supply of colors

Watch the current trends of Nike shoes for a simple reason. For example, Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse were made only in six colors and it`s not produced anymore. In 2011, you were able to buy them in pink (solar red), phosphor yellow (volt) and light blue (blue glow). And in 2013 NIKE produced a special limited edition for Independence Day, so they were selling more colors: red (sport red), white (white) and navy blue (midnight navy).

aliexpress-nike fake obuv aliexpress fejk 3


5. Different sizing of fake and original

Counterfeiters (FAKE products producers) can produce really any kind of goods. They are able to offer the size of the shoes that Nike never had on the market. So if you see the men’s size and the number of shoes is US, be careful, they are a fake. Men’s sizes are starting up from 6,5.


And how about you? Do you wear fakes? Reply directly to comments below the article!

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