Pokémon GO on Aliexpress – 11 FAVORITE TIPS from CHINA

Author: Aliexpress Maniac
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Pillow and bed

Equip your bedroom or living room a little differently than others. What do you say on Pikachu pillow or landing.

aliexpress-pokemon polstar velky aliexpress  aliexpress-pokemon polstar velky aliexpress 2

Plush toys for kids from Aliexpress


For children, there are plush toys and most popular Pikachu. Choose one or two.

aliexpress-pokemon plysove hracky pro deti aliexpress 2   aliexpress-pokemon plysove hracky pro deti aliexpress

Phone mobile case and cover

Mobil  is  the only hand device, what is in your hand during searching for Pokémons. So it should have the most stylish case. Here is a like for different types of Pokémon cases for mobile phone.

aliexpress-pokemon go obal na mobil aliexpress 2  aliexpress-pokemon go obal na mobil aliexpress

Women’s and Men’s bracelets

If you like to express your super excitment to your hobby in the form of bracelets, here you will find women bracelets or unisex bracelets. For less than dollar, you will do great show.


aliexpress-naramky pokemon go aliexpress 2  aliexpress-naramky pokemon go aliexpress

Swimwear or leggings for girls

Do you wear extravagant clothes like picture below? Have a look on these beautiful swimsuits and leggings.

aliexpress-Plavky pokemon go Aliexpress  aliexpress-pokemon go leginy aliexpress


Alarm clock and pocket LEGO monsters

Playing with your kids in style of PokemonGo? Definitely choose the bestseller – LEGO ! Choose which you want.  Second tip is Pikachu alarm clock that is suitable not only for children but also as a gift for a friend.

aliexpress-budik pokemon go Aliexpress  aliexpress-lego pokemon go aliexpress

As you can see, so for every fan, there is something to pick. Whether small or large, girls or boys. If you would need more tips, so just type in the search box on AliExpress Pokemon Go and required keyword. AliExpress sellers are updating prodcuts everyday, so check it time to time.

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