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Are you a handyman and have your own workroom where you like to spend your time producing or repairing different things? Do you own a house or a garden, and do you need to fix something from time to time? Whether you are a DIY fan or you have a workroom where you repair a variety of things, whether it’s furniture or car repair, you certainly can not do it without a professional power tools that can make the hard work easier for you.

 Check out the supply of electric power tools from China

A variety of different brands producing and selling various types of power tools can be found on the market. However, if we want to buy quality tools, we have to be ready to pay extra money for such tools.

A great example is an electric drill or an electric screwdriver, the price of which is usually quite high. We do not buy such tools every day, so we are willing to spend money on them. On the other hand, if we could buy good-quality power tools for very affordable price, why should we spend more money on them?

Surely you are wondering where we can get such power tools at low prices. The answer is very simple – at Chinese internet shops and marketplaces. Most electrical equipment, whether we talk about tools, mobile phones or TVs, are manufactured in Asian countries like China, Japan or South Korea. Where else would we be able to find cheaper goods than directly by the manufacturer?

One of those places where we can look for a wide selection of goods at very low prices is the Chinese internet market AliExpress. We can find there a wide offer of goods from all over the world. We can find there products of renowned companies and also local products of Chinese companies.

Power tools from AliExpress

Also power tools can be found on AliExpress in a large number and at very attractive prices.

First mentioned above were electric drills and screwdrivers, which are popular by all the handymen, because you don’t need to search for a power source to use them.

Let’s have a look at what interesting pieces we can find on AliExpress.

Electric screwdrivers from AliExpress

The price of a quality screwdriver is around 200 dollars and often even more. But what if we told you that such a quality screwdriver can be purchased at AliExpress for as little as 35 dollars? Sounds interesting, right? You can buy this great Bosch screwdriver with possibility of screwdriving and drilling for this price! So if you are looking for quality and lightweight screwdriver that will support all the work in your workroom, this is a great choice.

There is no need to worry about such a low price. The great advantage of AliExpress are the very low wholesale prices, which makes it possible to buy all the goods almost half the cheaper than in normal shops.

As a second choice we have a little bigger electric screwdriver, also from Bosh company, that costs 60 dollars. At this price we can get a high quality and especially durable screwdriver, featuring long service life and high performance. This is a hammering screwdriver which can also drill very well.

Thirdly, we can also show the middle way in the world of screwdrivers – electro screwdriver from Narex company, featuring high durability and quality. It has the torque or force 60 Nm, so it is suitable for screwing and tightening into harder materials. In addition, the high capacity of the battery pack delivers high portability to this screwdriver, as you can drill and screw with it almost half a day. If you are looking for a truly high-quality and powerful screwdriver, this is the right option.

Electric drills from AliExpress

Sometimes we need a great and super-powerful machine that will do the toughest and hardest job for us. In this case, we need a high-quality and powerful hammer drill, with which we can drill holes even into the toughest materials. So let’s take a look at the best drills we can find on AliExpress.

The first good is really big and powerful hammer drill, that will do the toughest job. Four gears and up to 4000 rpm. These are the things that make this drill an invaluable helper. With a weight of only 1.8 kilograms it is a relatively light drill, which makes it possible to drill for a longer period of time without causing pain to your hands. The main advantage, however, can be found at almost 79,000 impacts per minute, with which you can easily drill into the toughest materials.

Sometimes we just need to screw a shelf, ceiling lighting or a wardrobe, so we don’t need such a big power. Exactly for these situations there is a multifunctional impact drill, with which the drilling into harder bricks or concrete panels will never be a problem.

This drill is great for all common professions that need a powerful drilling tool. A torque of up to 20 Nm gives us enough strength even when drilling into harder materials, while we can use enough engine power to give us 1300 rpm. This great tool and many more can be found at AliExpress at very attractive prices.

AliExpress drill bit sets

If you are thinking of purchasing a drill or screwdriver from AliExpress, you might also be interested in important accessories that you can buy for such a drill. The most important accessory to the drill we clearly consider the drill bit sets. They can become dull with frequent use,so we need to get new ones from time to time. You can buy drill bits with a very wide selection of all sizes from the smallest to the really big for very good prices, starting from about 2 dollars.

For this price we can easily buy a set of fifty drills, where the price of one drill is less than 10 centes. If you drill often and need enough drill bit types, you should not miss this opportunity.

Electric sanders from AliExpress

These tools are being used for working with metals or welding.

So let’s also look at hand-held electric sanders that would please our eye and our wallet.

We can start with this angular sander with a power of 1500W. This angle sander is great for machining steel, which also corresponds to the adjusted speed of the grinder. The rotary gearbox offers four possible settings, making the whole device also suitable for left-handers. Antivibration grip, vibration damping of the sander, all of this makes it easy to work for a long time without feeling pains in our arms and hands.

We found an option for those who don’t need such a powerful equipment. This Bosh classical angle sander provides plenty of power for everyday metal grinding. Weighing only 1.9 kilograms, this is a helper that you can use for all kinds of abrasion. If you are looking for a truly high quality but also affordable angle sander, Bosh products will never disappoint you.

Electric saws from AliExpress

Anyone who often works with wood knows well how important it is to have a good electric saw.

We can find several kinds of electric saws on the market, whether they are straight saws, chainsaws or a jigsaw. We can also have a look at one such oscillating jigsaw. This is a high-performance assistant with a cut of up to 150mm. If you are looking for a helper that does not interfere with even higher layers of wood, this good is a right choice.

On the other hand, we have electric motor saws, which will be used especially in cases when we have smaller sets or if we need to cut wood every year. In all such cases we will certainly appreciate a powerful electric chain saw with which we can easily cut large pieces of wood and small logs. Whether we need to trim a tree or cut large pieces of wood, the electric chain saw is exactly the helper we are looking for.



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