SJ4000 and GoPro action camera review from Aliexpress


In this digital age, we are taking photos of everything. Everybody have a lot of selfies and videos from vacations. And if you want to have memories from holiday you should have action camera. The main advantage is that they are waterproof. The most important brand in action cameras for extreme conditions is GoPro. This sport camera is dominating on the market because it offers above average specifications, different features and excellent quality. Based on these parameters are adapted to the high price (from $ 270 – $ 470), which can not everyone afford. You can find cheaper version on the market, it`s cheaper copy of outdoor camera called SJCAM. These copies are very popular and have large number of positive reviews.

You can bye SJCAM on local e-shops, for much higher price. Traders only resell goods from China/AliExpress. Once you know how to shop on AliExpress, you can order your action camera from Aliexpress. This saves a lot of money. Beware fakes of SJCAM, that can be really bad copies of GoPro. In this article, we have prepared a comparison SJ4000 and GoPro cameras. There is also a list of certified sellers from AliExpress who sell original SJ4000 camera for a great price.


A list of certified sellers cameras SJ4000 and SJ5000

Puhui Digital – 5 diamonds

  • offers SJ cameras
  • items have excellent reviews
  • you can buy here all necessary accessories for sports cameras

Shenzhen sWm global mall – 3 diamonds

  • offers accessories to cameras GoPro

Shenzhen New Launch Technology Co.,Ltd – 5 diamonds

  • offers SJ cameras
  • you can buy here all necessary accessories for sports cameras
  • offers GoPro and SJ4000

Shenzhen Comfast Network Technology Co., Ltd – 3 diamonds

If you do not choose from these certified sellers, check the whole offer SJCAM on AliExpress. Market with action cameras is expanding rapidly, and therefore the offer on AliExpress will grow too.

What is the difference between SJ 4000 and GoPro camera?

We have compared these cameras very carefully. To compare the same things, we have chosen the cheapest model of GoPro Hero which costs about $ 140, and the price of SJ4000 camera on AliExpress is for $ 70.


                      GoPro HERO ($140)                                                  SJCAM SJ-4000 ($58~$70)

        go pro aliexpress                SJCAM SJ4000 aliexpress


Reviews and comparisons of SJ4000 and GoPro

A. The physical design of the camera SJ4000 AliExpress

The size and shape SJ4000 is approximately the same as a GoPro. Among the cameras are tiny size differences, we recommend you to prevent combining cases or cameras themselves. Drive ability is very similar for a both cameras.

There are ports for micro SD, micro USB and micro HDMI. The removable battery is accessible through the bottom of the hard cover of the camera. SJ4000 batteries are very light, but this has no impact on battery life. The batteries supplied in the package lasts 1.5 hours of continuous recording. Waterproof case to 30 m is robust enough to cope with reasonable force load. This case is designed to be same as GoPro waterproof case. You will be able to select from eight different colors.

For SJ4000 camera is included as well as various accessories. Accessory is meant various mounts, connectors, straps and waterproof case. The handles and connectors are made of plastic and strong steel screw connectors. SJ4000 have the same handle system as GoPro, they can be combined.

Against GoPro you will have a lot of other clips in you package. There you will find a helmet holder, holder on bike and another holders for the band, adhesive tape and other goodies from the image below.


SJ cam GoPro accessories camera action sport Aliexpress

Continue reading the review on page 2, where besides the review will also find a clear correlation table GoPro cameras and SJ4000


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