SJ4000 and GoPro action camera review from Aliexpress

Author: Aliexpress Maniac
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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B. The overall performance of the camera SJ4000

Sj4000 camera supports Micro SD cards around 32 gigabytes GoPro has a micro HDMI port, which is fully functional for a screening record directly on the screen. When connected, it is possible to observe a tiny HDMI cable will fit, when projecting cable is necessary to consolidate well in a good position. Micro USB contrary, fits perfectly into the interface.

SJ4000 has compared to the basic version of GoPro 1.5-inch screen, it’s a huge advantage. The latest version of GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition has also this screen, but the price but around $ 470. It is also important to emphasize that SJ4000 has a built-in Wi-Fi,  you can control the camera and a mobile phone or remote control. The camera has an individual and an extremely long list of options configuration.

B1. Camera

In this area SJ4000 rather mediocre. Some of smartphone can do better photo. It is caused by imperfect chip to capture images. However, I think that in the end, this glitch will be overlooked. Functions for photographing offers various settings, but do not expect a quality big camera or photos from GoPro. This camera is simply focusing mainly on filming.

B2. Videocamera

Videocamera is much better than camera. Beautiful clear and sharp images both on land and in the water. Recording quality is worse in direct proportion to the increasing darkness, but this is the problem of most of videocameras. Wonderful thing is 170 ° lens and it`s the same as GoPro. The camera shoots 1080p @ 30fps (1920 * 1080px), but videocamera can do HD and even lower formats. Overall, we evaluated the shooting FullHD video better with SJ4000, because GoPro videocameras seem to us that it has video too  much hot colors. However, the advantage is turning GoPro Full HD at 60fps.

B3. Battery and system

Battery life is the same as GoPro, it`s about one hour recording. SJ4000 camera is used with a battery of 900 mAh, and we were able to shoot with the camera less than 87 minutes. Charging takes about 2-3 hours. We recommend you to buy back up battery, these batteries are very cheap on Aliexpress.

C. Correlation table

Distinction5.0 MP12 MP (real 5MP)
Field of vision127° / 170°170°
Sequence5 fps1 fps
ZoomNOYES, Digital 4x
Water resistanceYES (to 40m)YES (to 30m)
Time delay0.5s interval1, 5, 10, 20s interval
External batteryNOYES
Recording time150 minutes70 minutes
Resolution 1080 p30YESYES
Resolution 720 p60YESNE
Resolution 720 p30NOYES
LCD screenNOYES, 1.5″ color
USB connectorminiMicro
HDMI-outNOYES, mini
Clip handleGoPro ClipGoPro-style Clip
MemoryMicro SDMicro SD
ColorsGreyDifferent colors

Attention: Depending on from which seller you will make your purchase order will include a mini SD card. Read carefully product information.


D. Video demonstration

Usually you can find in product information video demonstrations of the camera. We have one for you an example of SJCAM 4000.

Continue reading the review on page 3, where you will find our general verdict about whether to buy SJ4000 on AliExpress or not.

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