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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives and it is therefore important to think about their protection. Proper sleeves, covers and cases helps to protect your phone from bumps and other insults, what will help to prolong the life of your phone.

So if you are looking for quality, inexpensive sleeve, covers and cases for telephone, Aliexpress is the right place. Whether you are looking for housing / casing leather, silicone or metal, aliexpress will not disappoint you. Also here you can find covers for the phones such as Iphone, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and many more. After   longtime searching, tests and verification, we have prepared for you a list of best sellers of mobile sleeves, covers and cases  on Aliexpress.


The best shops for mobile sleeves, covers and cases  on Aliexpress

Global Source (HK) Trading Co., Ltd. – This store has a great reputation (1 crown), and there is an endless menu of mobile covers. Covers from leather, silicon or aluminum for brands like Iphone 5 and 6, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi 4 and many others.

RCD Group Co., Ltd. – This store (also has 1 crown) offers variety of really inexpensive mobile housings, from leather or silicon for the Iphone, Huawei, Nokia or Samsung Galaxy. Also they offer covers for tablets as Ipad or Ipad Mini.

Eternal Team. – One of the best known retailers on Aliexpress (3 crowns). Browse or sure to see its bid just make a stop in the section – Accessories. There is a multitude of inexpensive add-ons for phones or tablets.

Rainbow International Trade Co., LTD – For sure, do not miss offers from this seller. His shop has 5 diamonds and in accessories section you will find quality covers for tablets and phones and all these things for unbeatable prices.

E-Show Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. – If you are looking for something stylish and elegant, and you are on right place. This store offers accessories to phones and tablets for brands such as Samsung and the iPhone, made of genuine leather and at unbeatable prices as well.

Gamesalor International Ltd. – If you are looking for wide offer of silicone covers for your iPhone, this seller is really great. Do not miss offer  of phones and PCs, where you can find more perfect accessories for your phone.

HitTime China-Wholesale Co. Ltd. – Another large choice of low-priced housings for your phones.

YKS-Ezsources Centre – This shop offers mobile covers and other accessories in a comfortable price. For your Iphone you can find inexpensive silicone covers, but also covers the wood.

Tips for searching the branded sleeves, covers and cases for your phone

When you search covers known marks such as Gucci, Chanel, Michael Kors, you have to use abbreviations of such marks. The article about how to search designer goods, was already presented to you in our article How to find brand on Aliexpress. Have you remains only to find your chosen brand, entered it and to seek a shortcut to enter the aliexpress – Shortcut + brand phone case.

If you are looking for mobile cover brand like Moschino, you need to seek for – McDonalds phone case.

Tips to purchase inexpensive mobile sleeve, covers and cases from Aliexpress

If you’re not interested in seller, what we have presented to you so far and you would like to buy a cover from another vendor, we bring you a few guidelines and tips on how to do it. Enclosures for search on Aliexpress just use expressions such as mobile cover, phone case / cover. For more precise search, we suggest to use exact model of your phone.

When you finally found your dream cover your mobile, pay attention to these š things, before making any purchase.

  • Rating of seller – If shop has at least one diamond, you can be certain, that seller can be trusted
  • Rating from customers – it will help you to choose the right model
  • The number of orders at that store – an important detail, more sales means that the business operates and orders are increasing.

Last advice from our side:  If you are not sure exactly, what cover to choose or if it will fit on your phone, do not hesitate to contact seller.

If you would like more information about shopping electronics on Aliexpress, please read our earlier articles about purchases Iphone on aliexpress or as little about the customs, customs duty and VAT. If you are interested in Aliexpress reviews and see real photos of products, please visit our  FB page Ali Maniac – Photos and Tips. We with yuo a lot of succesfull orders on Aliexpress.




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