Smarth Watch from China Aliexpress – review and comparision


Seriously 12 dollars? Yes, really! When I found SmartWatch on the internet for the first time, I saw the price $80 and did not pay attention to it. When I was scrolling through, I found SMART WATCH type GTo8. $12 was a very nice price. There were many things that came to my mind: nonfunctional, schlock, no battery life, there will be only English language. You have no idea how wrong I was!

What is SmartWatch?

SmartWatch is used as an accessory with the mobile phone or as a mobile phone on its own. These watches have many useful applications and you can see who is calling or texting you and all the notifications.

6 aspects, in which the smart watches stand out:

  1. All the information from you mobile phone always with you
  2. You can accept or refuse incoming calls
  3. Conrtolling the music was never this easy
  4. Stopwatch, timer, alarm clock close to you
  5. Can be used for tracking sports activities

A. Smart Watch GT08

I started to look for more information about these watches, f.e. the price in normal shops, if they work with all kind of SIM cards and other reviews about it. After all I bought the watch and I was pleasantly surprised. It came in the box (and you don’t see this very often with tools from China), everything was originally packed, they looked beautiful and even had a camera. I immediately turned them on and checked the menu. After that I placed my micro SIM card and SD card in. I started trying everything, making calls and everything was working perfectly! The only problem was, when I tried to pair the watch with my mobile phone. QR code on the watch redirected me to some suspicious website, which wanted me to download their application. I strictly denied it and downloaded an application from certified source  Google – play. The app is called BTnotification. Watch out! There are two almost similar apps – BTnotification and BT notification. Do not download the second app with a space in the name, because it does not allow you to read your SMS via bluetooth. All the watches that we will talk about work with Android system. The functions with iOS are limited.


Missed calls, sms, notifications, calendar, watch, alarm clock, sound recording, camera, photo viewer, file manager, pedometer ssleep cycle,Facebook, Chrome browser, WhatsApp and many more.

Look at the video review


–  you can use the watches in two ways: As a mobile phone with a SIM card in your watch or for pairing with your mobile phone

– nice design, it fits the wrist nicely

– 350 mAh battery – lasts 1-2 days

– splash resistant – not against water immersion

– 250×250 display

Real photos:

gt08-2       gt08-3

Proven sellers and Smart Watches links:


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Continue reading the article on page 2 for more video and review comparing SMART Watch type DZ09 and U8. Which are better?


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