Spam emails Aliexpress and PayPal – credit card abuse

Author: Aliexpress Maniac
Monday, August 19, 2019

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Cyber-attackers are still trying to get sensitive data from Aliexpress shoppers through fraudulent emails. Such an email can look like an Aliexpress official email. It may contain an attachment that releases a malicious computer program on your hard disk when it is opened. Once the virus is opened, the sensitive data is copied from your computer. This includes e-mail accounts, credit card numbers, PayPal, eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon and other eshop logins. These downloaded data are then sent to a Cyber-attacker who can now use it for his own benefit.

  This alert is not only for foreign eshops such as Aliexpress, but also for local eshops where you normally buy every day. A spam email can be sent with the header of any sender. The Aliexpress or PayPal store serves as an example here. 

Security tips:

  • Check who sent you the email.
  • Avoid opening links or attachments that are in a suspicious email.
  • Do not open suspicious websites that need to enter your login information.
  • Find out if your bank is providing insurance for your credit card.

Tyto tipy neplatí samozřejmě pouze pro emaily od Aliexpress, ale platí jako obecné pravidlo pro bezpečné nakupování na internetu.

You can apply these tips as a general rule for safe online shopping.


How can they rob you?

Experts from the foreign security firm CheckPoint found vulnerability in the AliExpress internet store, which was a target during pre-Christmas purchases. Thanks to this, they have been able to get the necessary data from their credentials very confidently about their payment cards. At the beginning of everything, there was a good intention of the AliExpress chain, which encouraged its customers to permanently store their credit card details in their profile. Together with the security gap in his system, however, the string unconsciously allowed the data to be able to take over the potential invaders.

Technical explanation: An attacker can send an email message with a link (see below), which goes to the official Aliexpress site, but carries a malicious code that will then modify the legitimate page for the attacker’s needs. The victim then enters his card information on a legitimate page, but the data will still be sent to the attacker.… type=’text/javascript’ src=””. 

The code used the XSS vulnerability of the AliExpress server. Although e-shop has basic protection against XSS, ie against malicious code execution from foreign domains, the code from its own domain runs without control, which is used by the so-called XSS. It is enough for the attackers to find a page within the domain, which will bring their malicious code with them, and therefore invalid. Aliexpress has already secured a proper attack against the attack.


An example is an email in which the cheater promised a $ 50 coupon if you saved your credit card. The email has been sent from the fake email address [email protected] If you open this email, nothing happens. The problem in this case occurs when you click on the link and fill in your credit card number. After this step you will send all the data about your card to the cheater.

Examples of spam emails

Take a look at the pictures that cheaters tried to rob Aliexpress customers. See what email addresses has been used for this spam email.


1. Request to verify your Aliexpress account




2. Invite you to update the data on your Aliexpress account


3. Your account has been temporarily blocked and needs to be verified.



4. PayPal – You can get similar emails from any address, not just from the fake Aliexpress

paypal fraud spam zneuziti


5. Verify your PayPal account

Po kliknutí na odkaz vás to přesměruje na falešné stránky PAYPAL (stránky vypadají velice podobně). Zde se budete pokoušet přihlásit a tím pádem podvodníkům odešlete Vaše přihlašovací údaje.

After clicking on the link, it redirects you to the fake pages of PAYPAL (the page looks very similar). Here you will try to log in and thus send your credentials to the cyber attackers.


paypal verify translaction spam scam


What to do if someone misuses my card

  • Regularly check the account transactions on the card.
  • If you suspect that your card or data may be misused, contact your bank or credit card customer’s non-stop client line immediately, report a misuse of the card, and block the card. Blocking should be free.
  • Abuse and blocking can also be done directly at the branch office of the bank or a member of the card association abroad (MasterCard, VISA, etc.).
  • When you complain about a transaction that you have not done, be prepared to give reasons for not accepting the transaction or documents. From our experience, these transactions are recorded and money is returned to the card account.
  • If the claim is rejected by the bank, try filing a claim through the Financial Arbiter








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