Sugar box face highlighter stick from Aliexpress


Sugar box face is very popular in fashion life, you should definitely try this look. Highlighter is a product that should have more attention than it has. Try to use it and your skin will be shiny, beautiful, sparkle and it gives it plasticity. If you use only make up it looks little dull and bland, by using highlighter you will move your make up to higher level. You don`t have to use it only on face, but you can highlight your arms or decollete.  You can buy nice and cheap sugar box highlighter stick on Aliexpress. We will give you tips for a best sellers of this product.



Best sellers of sugar box highlighter 

Rosalind Beauty Shop – 5 diamonds

  • product has an excellent review, a lot of real photos in feedback, almost 7000 feedback
  • promo price US $2.99
  • normal price US $ 4.99
  • also has different brand Miva Girl with dark colors


My Home 2016 – 2 diamonds

  • a lot of real photos and almost 5000 feedback
  • normal price US $2.59
  • if you buy 8 pieces or more than you can get 5 % discount


Froomer Show – 1 crown

  • seller with the best score, but less feedback and real photos
  • normal price US $2.59
  • if you buy 7 pieces or more than you can get 5 % discount


How to find it on Aliexpress?

It`s very easy in contrast to some brand products. Just write in search window on Aliexpress sugar box face or sugar box face highlighter stick and you will plenty of products. Set your settings to sort by Ordersyou will get the best selling products. Sellers offer two colors, the first one is called Silver and second color is Golden. You can see the difference on pictures below.

sugar box face highlighter aliexpress 9 sugar box face highlighter aliexpress 9


Real photos and review of sugar box highlighter

This highlighter has very good reviews. This is what people wrote about it:

1. Soft illumination. Perfect!!!

2. Smell nice

3. The colors are beautiful

4. Texture is amazing

5. Great product

6. Very creamy and looks amazing on skin

7. Didn’t expected this good quality only for 3$

8. Really recommend it

sugar box face highlighter aliexpress 2

sugar box face highlighter aliexpress 2 sugar box face highlighter aliexpress 2


Review from Sophie

Seriously the best buy I have ever done. I love this highlighter and cannot go without it anymore! Recommend! Just some selfies where I’m wearing it.

sugar box face highlighter aliexpress 2             sugar box face highlighter aliexpress 2


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