The Truth and Myth about 11.11. Aliexpress Shopping festival


We wrote this article because of myths that spread on the internet. Read this article to the end if you want to know the truth of the question: Is it worth shopping at Aliexpress on 11.11?

Make your own opinion about this sales event. Do not buy products only because you think there is a discount. We have selected products for you directly from our previous orders and compared with the prices at which it will be possible to buy the same product on 11/11/. Most of the products we ordered were purchased from verified Aliexpress sellers.


IMPORTANT: From the history of Aliexpress specials, we already know that products are not always discounted. Some sellers before 11.11. they will raise prices so they can lower them on the mega day to create a fictitious discount. That’s why many of you have added an add-on to the Aliexpress Superstar browser or AliHistory mobile app. Both of these tools will show you the price history of each product and you will see on the graph whether it is really an offer or just the seller pulls your nose.



1. Artifical Tulip

Price from order history: 13,80 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 11, 73 USD

Saving: 2, 07 USD





2. Women dress

Price from order history: 12, 60 USD

Discounted price on 11.11:: 5, 67 USD

Savings: 6, 93 USD





3. Women jacket

Price from order history: 14, 04 USD

Discounted price on 11.11:: 12,56 USD

Saving: 1,48 USD






4. Women sports leggings

Price from order history: 7, 40 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 4, 69 USD

Saving: 2, 71 USD






5. Women belt

Price from order history: 4, 24 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 2, 14 USD

Saving: 2, 10 USD







6. GoPro accessories

Price from order history: 15, 68 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 12, 23 USD

Saving: 3,45 USD





7. Winter hoodie set Batman

Price from order history: 12, 99 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 8, 44 USD

Saving: 4, 55 USD









8. Sexy man boxer shorts

Price from order history: 3, 98 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 3, 34 USD

Saving: 0,64 USD









9. Women watch

Price from order history: 2,61 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 2, 27 USD

Saving: 0,34 USD






10. Handmade costume Mickey Mouse

Price from order history: 8, 56 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 4,00 USD

Saving: 4, 56 USD






11. Women bracelet in style of Pandora

Price from order history: 4, 76 USD

Discounted price on 11.11: 3, 20USD

Saving: 1, 56 USD







From our experience we can say that only some sellers will increase prices and then dicrease them. But these are not common practices for Aliexpress sellers. Rather, they are unverified sellers, which we certainly do not recommend shopping. Even in the future. Our website will be happy to help you for the best price by using tools as AliSuperstar or AliHistory.

So the answer to the question from the beginning is: YES. It pays off to shop on Aliexpress sales. And most of all, if you have coupons for the day 11.11. Don`t forget to collect coupons.

Be sure to check out  articles about 11/11/ to see what Aliexpress prepared for you.




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