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original shoes NIKE aliexpress ENG

How to find the original NIKE sneakers on AliExpress

If you are used to buy in China, you know that you can buy here quality items for a great price. The advantage fo you is, to know...
sugar box face highlighter aliexpress ENG2

Sugar box face highlighter stick from Aliexpress

Sugar box face is very popular in fashion life, you should definitely try this look. Highlighter is a product that should have more attention than it has. Try...
Discount coupons promo codes aliexpress sales 11.11.2021

Discount coupons and promo codes for 11.11. Advices and tips on how to save...

We have discount codes for the 11.11 sales day for you.  Sale period is from 11th Nov 00:00:00-12th Nov 23:59:59 PST (2 days) and...
Respirator FFP2 Aliexpress mask review ENG

Respirator FFP2 from China – Aliexpress

Due to current covid-19 pandemic, we received a lot of questions about FFP2 respirators from Aliexpress. We looked at which FFP2 respirators are the...
Aliexpress standard shipping doprava filtr cina zdarma bez cla dph posta SK

60. How to filter products with Aliexpress Standard or Saver shipping to Aliexpress

The popular option for shipping method is Aliexpress standard shipping. If you choose this shipping method you don`t have to deal with customs procedures...

How to get FREE SAMPLE on Alibaba.com

Shopping in China is literally awesome. But did you know that except AliExpress, there is platform called Alibaba.com ? It is the parent company of...
Aliexpress 11.11.2017 sales shopping ENG

11.11. Aliexpress shopping festival 2017 – Information about the Big sale

It's here! Magic Date 11.11. and Aliexpress shopping festival is coming! And what has Aliexpress prepared for you this year? ALIEXPRESS DAY 11.11.2018 Not only you...
Calvin Klein underwear brand women Aliexpress ENG

Calvin Klein underwear for men & women from Aliexpress

Calvin Klein is very well-known brand in whole world. Original products of Calvin Klein underwear have very good quality. You can buy boxer shorts,...
SJcam GoPro camera sport action aliexpress

SJ4000 and GoPro action camera review from Aliexpress

In this digital age, we are taking photos of everything. Everybody have a lot of selfies and videos from vacations. And if you want...
iphone aliexpress brand ENG

How to buy iPhone on Aliexpress

Almost everybody has it and most probably you want it as well. But you don`t want to spend such a high amount of money...
Aliexpress shopping in china shop online ENG

How to shop from China – Aliexpress

Alimaniac is here to help you shop in China. There is a lot of rules and advices for shopping on Aliexpress.com, which we summarized into clear...

TOP selection of discounted products for 11. 11. 2019

We made a selection of products for you to buy on the discount event 11.11.2019. This product selection also serves as a demonstration and...
Adidas superstar fashion aliexpress brand 4

Adidas Superstar fashion sneakers from Aliexpress

Adidas is well known brand all over the world. Products from Adidas are made in Indonesia, Thailand, China or other countries. Have you ever think...
gearBest-Price-history coupons discounted

4. GearBest price history and promo coupons

If you don`t like artificially created discounts you should use special extension. Shoppers on Aliexpress are already using addon called Aliexpress Superstar. If you...
edge prohlizec aliexpress superstar

Edge Browser – How do I add and use AliSuperstar?

Have you seen all the benefits of Aliexpress Superstar and want to enjoy them in your EDGE browser? The tool was not previously available...
Return repair refund warranty gearbest dispute ENG

2. Complaint: The GearBest warranty protects the customer in every situation

In this article, we've focused on how you can claim goods at GearBest and when you will be refunded. It may happen that you...
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