AliExpress will open a logistics center in Poland ENG

Shopping on Aliexpress REMAIN cheap. AliExpress will open a logistics center in Poland before...

We have great news. Alibaba, as the owner of the Aliexpress portal, will open a logistics center in Poland. This logistics center will serve...
Customs new law aliexpress VAT tax ENG

Aliexpress will automatically collect VAT from 1.7. thanks to IOSS registration

Aliexpress has finally announced how it will approach the new European Union VAT regulation for small consignments up to 22 EUR. So it will...
Customs declaration aliexpress china tax vat ENG

What should I do if the goods arrive after 1.7.2021?

In the article New EU law: What will change from 1.7.2021 and how to avoid high fees? we have informed you that from 1 July...
Aliexpress new law 1.7.2021 duty tax european eunion EU Eng

New EU law: What will change from 1.7.2021 and how to avoid high fees?

From 1 July 2021, a new law is to come into force, which will repeal the existing VAT exemption for shipments up to 22...
Aliexpress coupon anniversary sale discounts

Aliexpress Celebrates 11th Anniversary – Is It Worth Shopping?

  Aliexpress celebrates 11 years since starting its business. And he has prepared games, coupons and discounts for you. Do you shop at Aliexpress regularly?...
Respirator FFP2 Aliexpress mask review ENG

Respirator FFP2 from China – Aliexpress

Due to current covid-19 pandemic, we received a lot of questions about FFP2 respirators from Aliexpress. We looked at which FFP2 respirators are the...
Sale Aliexpress shopping festival 1111 eng

11.11. Shopping festival 2020 on Aliexpress – important information about discounts

In March, we wrote an article about coronavirus related to China packages. The international shipping was also limited. In these days it really depens...
Coronavirus package china aliexpress disease

Can I get coronavirus from Aliexpress (China) package?

Coronavirus is everywhere. When you turn on your TV, turn on the radio, open social networks, news on the Internet! The media has already...

TOP selection of discounted products for 11. 11. 2019

We made a selection of products for you to buy on the discount event 11.11.2019. This product selection also serves as a demonstration and...

11.11 Aliexpress Day 2019 – important information about Sales

Day 11.11. was chosen in China as  Anti-Valentine's Day called Singles day (Guanggun Jie). It is a shopping day when mainly young Chinese people...
Aliexpress Superstar price history shopping convertor ENG

39. History and price tracker on Aliexpress

Whether you are an experienced shopper with Aliexpress or you are just starting out, you just need to have this add-on to your browser. Below...
Gift girlfriend wife christmas aliexpress tips ENGa

5. Gift for girlfriend or wife

Sometimes it may seem that choosing gifts for a girlfriend is a like rocket science. But women are happy for any gift, just the...
Aliexpress day 11.11.2019 Money hop hry games coupons ENG

Aliexpress Games 11.11.2019 – Money Hop and coupons

In the article 11.11. Aliexpress Day 2019 - important information we mentioned the game Money Hop. And in this article we will show you,...
Shopping festival Aliexpress 11. 11. 2019 the truth myth ENG

The Truth and Myth about 11.11. Aliexpress Shopping festival

We wrote this article because of myths that spread on the internet. Read this article to the end if you want to know the...
Girf for dad father christmas aliexpress shopping

4. Christmas gift for dad from Aliexpress

Dads are our first men to look up to and trust in them. A gift for a dad can be funny or practical. You...
Christmas decoration aliexpress tree light eng

3. Christmas lights, decorations, ornaments and accessories

Another article from our Christmas series is here! We have already prepared an article with tips about gifts for mum and gifts for kids....