Kids clothes aliexpress

Baby and kids clothing on Aliexpress – how to buy it cheap

26th May 2017,  has blogged 9 posts

On Aliexpress you will find a lot of baby clothes for boys and girls. One of the biggest benefits of buying baby clothes on Aliexpress is their very low price. Sometimes it’s unbelievable how beautiful things you can buy for kids at such a great prices. For example, you can buy a baby pajamas for …

Hidden offers of brands Aliexpress ENG

Hidden offers and sales of Brands from Aliexpress

10th May 2017,  has blogged 9 posts

Hidden sales are the new terminology that was created among Aliexpress shoppers. If you are looking for beautiful and quality brand goods, you should know what this term means. In our article, you will learn how to shop through hidden sales and what rules to follow. It is very important to distinguish between the terms …

Bluetooth portable speakers aliexpress gearbest ENG

Portable speakers, bluetooth, radio, SD from Aliexpress and GearBest

6th May 2017,  has blogged 9 posts

I will introduce you wireless speakers, with which you can listen to music with your friends and enjoy it full and without headphones! In the following article I will show you five speakers up to $ 20 worth buying. Some are waterproof, lightweight or can be used to listen to radio or music from an …

Smarth Watch from China Aliexpress – review and comparision

18th April 2017,  has blogged 9 posts

Seriously 12 dollars? Yes, really! When I found SmartWatch on the internet for the first time, I saw the price $80 and did not pay attention to it. When I was scrolling through, I found SMART WATCH type GTo8. $12 was a very nice price. There were many things that came to my mind: …

Power tools from China and Aliexpress

18th April 2017,  has blogged 9 posts

Are you a handyman and have your own workroom where you like to spend your time producing or repairing different things? Do you own a house or a garden, and do you need to fix something from time to time? Whether you are a DIY fan or you have a workroom where you repair a …

Fitness bracelets, band and watches from AliExpress – comparison

17th April 2017,  has blogged 100 posts

Fitness bands ( bracelets ) are simply must accessories in this SMART age. Do you know what exactly they do? It can track your movement and save it into our mobile phone.  The bracelet has recently become a real phenomenon. On AliExpress, you can find many kinds of bands. I have picked several of them and …

was my aliexpress package on crashed aircraft

Crashed AirCraft carried packages from Aliexpress

29th January 2017,  has blogged 100 posts

What happened and how to determine whether your package on board the aircraft? In Kyrgyzstan on Monday morning while attempting to land in heavy fog crashed Turkish aircraft. Killing at least 37 people, including the four crew members. Most people died in the houses, in which the plane crashed, according to rescuers is among them …

Alimaniac Aliexpress anniversary 6th

Information about 29.3. 2016 on Aliexpress

22nd March 2016,  has blogged 100 posts

AliExpress celebrates the sixth anniversary sale! To celebrate this has prepared various events and will be giving away millions of American dollars worth of coupons. Everything about AliExpress anniversary will take place over a mobile app. To give you any discounts and coupons functioned fine, so it is necessary to have a new version (4.8.3). …