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How to shop on Aliexpress

combined delivery china shopping works aliexpress shipping method ENG

58. Combined Delivery – how this shipping method works?

A new law on VAT from third countries has been in force in the European Union since 1 July 2021. This means that all...
How to search European warehouses on Aliexpress tax customs

How to search European warehouses on Aliexpress

Due to the new EU laws, some of us will also order goods from European Aliexpress warehouses. And why? Because from July 1, 2021,...
How to write leave feedback product Aliexpress ENG

36. How to write a feedback or review on AliExpress

Once you confirm that the goods arrived to your home, Aliexpress will ask you to give them feedback. It serves as a guideline for...
Error codes aliexpress payment failed CSC

59. Error codes when paying on Aliexpress – what CSC error codes mean and...

We have a list of CSC error codes that can be displayed when paying on Aliexpress. In the article I can’t pay for the order...
Order did not arrive china aliexpress shopping ENG

48 – I have not received my order. What can I do?

It`s almost the end of purchase protection and the order has not arrived yet? We have prepared a short guide to what to do...
How to choose correct size Aliexpress clothing shoes ENG

46. How to choose correct size of clothing or shoes

The offer of Aliexpress is incredibly large, but you must not forget that the size of your clothing does not always match our European...

64. How to get in touch with a real person at the Aliexpress customer...

Do you need to get in touch with a real person at the Aliexpress customer center but don't know how? We have prepared a...

07. Shipping address setup / change on Aliexpress

If you want the goods to arrive safely, it is necessary to properly fill in your profile Delivery Address.  After log in, you open...

08. Place and pay order on Aliexpress

Adding product to shopping cart First choose the color, size, shipping method and then click the Add to Cart. A window appears, which informs you that the...
Reklamace vraceni penez Aliexpress refund return dispute finished ENG

62. Dispute finished – refund & return money on Aliexpress

In Article 61. How to open dispute on Aliexpress - step by step, you learned how to fill out a dispute form on Aliexpress....

01. What is Aliexpress and how to buy here

Shopping in China is very popular, especially because of the range of products and also because of prices that are more than favorable. This...

23. How to Add / Remove credit card from AliPay – AliExpress

This article is about how to add or remove your credit card from AliPay. When you pay your order on Aliexpress you are offered to save your credit card...
aliexpress discount coupons shopping

28. How to get discount coupons on AliExpress

If you shop on the AliExpress, you've saved a lot of money already. Thanks to our manuals how to shop there and we will learn...
Aliexpress Superstar price history shopping convertor ENG

39. History and price tracker on Aliexpress

Whether you are an experienced shopper with Aliexpress or you are just starting out, you just need to have this add-on to your browser. Below...

24. Purchase protection for buyers on Aliexpress

What does the protection buyer Buyer Protection means on AliExpress? AliExpress mainly wants satisfied customers. They try to provide the best possible service. Therefore, to...

11. How to add product to Wish List on Aliexpress

Have you seen Wish List on Aliexpress? Do you know how does it work? After adding products to that list you don`t have to looking...
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