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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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Dads are our first men to look up to and trust in them. A gift for a dad can be funny or practical. You certainly know what your father enjoys and what his hobbies are, so a gift could be in that spirit. Thanks to our article you will find a lot of tips and definitely make a choice. We didn’t forget about socks.

Important: Before you add selected gift to cart, check the price history and seller rating using the AliHistory mobile app or AliSuperstar Add-on.

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1. Practical gift

Camping or working lamp

List Price: US $1.52

Buy now

Wine opener with wooden handle

List Price: US $101 Kč

Buy now

Screwdriver bit set 30pcs

List Price: US $9.66

Buy now

Travel Knife

List Price: US $3.22

Buy now


2. Men’s watches

Luxury Military Watch

List Price: US $12.28

Buy now

Luxury Men's Wooden Watch

List Price: US $23.45

Buy now

Men's Sports Waterproof Watch

List Price: US $8.56

Buy now


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