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Payment problem on Aliexpress

Payment problem on Aliexpress

What should I do if my card payment has failed?

Which error did you encounter for payment?

Error 1

Solution: Please click ‘My Appeal‘ and follow instruction to submit required documents to complete verification for payment again.

Error 2


a. Please input the complete information of the name in your order and try for payment again.

b. If you still encountered error with complete order information, please verify your account through link https://intl.alipay.com/certify/uploadFile.htm. Related team will check and update you result of this. You can try it again after that.

Error 3

Solution: Please try to select ’other payment methods‘ and input card number there for payment again.

Other errors: Please follow suggestion in error message for payment again.

If payment was rejected by bank, here are some suggestions to solve it.

Why is my order being verified after I have already paid?

Payment can be only processed with successful confirmation from bank.

In case the payment was rejected by bank, please follow below suggestions to solve it:

  • You may try it again after cleaning cookies of your browser.
  • Please try to pay through other payment methods like Paypal if possible.
  • For user who were directed to page of bank to activate 3-D Secure, please follow instruction there in order to make the payment.
  • You may contact with bank to confirm reason of rejection and try it again after that.


Why was the wrong amount deducted from my account?

Please note AliExpress only charge user the value in order confirmation page and no extra money will be received.

If extra money has been deducted from your account, it may due to:
– exchange rate change
– service fee or transaction fee charged by bank
– supportive currency of your card is A, while order pay in currency B may cause more transaction fee. Kindly note every card with supportive currency. Eg: if your card only support transaction in USD while order was paid through RUB. The transaction will be converted for further processing and extra money may be required for every conversion.

If you still have concern about this value, please double check with bank if value difference was caused by above reasons.

Why does it say that my payment cannot be processed because of security reasons?

Your order cannot be processed due to security reasons. Please go to ‘My Order’ page and click ‘My Appeal’ to submit an online appeal. If the appeal is successful, you may try to process your order again. Thank you for your patience.

Why has my order been closed because of security reasons?

All payments on AliExpress will go through a verification process. We might have discovered a risk and to protect your account we have automatically cancelled your order and payment. Your card will be temporarily blocked on our site/app.

In situations like this, some banks will decide to put your payment on hold. The money will be transferred back to your account, how long this takes mostly depends on your bank.

For more information, please contact your bank.

About the appeal
To prevent order cancellation, please follow the below steps to submit an appeal:
1. Go to My Appeal
2. Click Want to Appeal
3. Submit the following documents:
– A copy of your personal ID or passport if you used a personal credit card for the transaction, or a copy of your business registration if you used a company credit card
– A copy of both sides of the credit card
– A copy of your bank statement

Normally, it takes 3 business days for our Order Verification Department to verity your card information after you’ve submitted your appeal. Once everything is verified, you can continue placing your order.
In case the new order is also closed, please try again after 24 hours. The system need take few hours to update the appeal result.

Please note that all orders on AliExpress go through a verification process.

What should I do if my WebMoney payment has failed?

If your WebMoney payment has failed, please follow the suggestions mentioned in the error message.

e.g.Error notice: IPAY_RS_10001_3301
Suggestion: The information you entered is incorrect. Please check and try again, or contact your card issuer

I have paid for my order. Why does the order status still say Awaiting Payment?

Please choose your payment method:
Wire Transfer
Western Union

Credit/Debit Card
Please check whether you have placed repeat orders with the same price and same product from the one seller, but only paid for one of them.
1. Click https://trade.aliexpress.com/orderList.htm to find all your orders.
2. Find the order which is still awaiting payment and find the name of the seller.

3. Click More Filters and enter the seller’s name in search box. After clicking Search, you will find all the orders from the same store.

4. Now check whether you have placed any repeat orders.

If you did not place any repeat orders, please contact your card issuer to check whether the payment was actually deducted from your account. If your bank confirms that the money was deducted by AliExpress, please contact us and provide us your bank statement.

Wire Transfer
Normally, it will take 7 business days for us to receive your payment after your wire transfer. Please check your order status again in approximately 7 business days after your wire transfer.
The status of your order should now change to Paid. If this is not the case, please contact us and submit your bank remittance slips (containing a beneficiary account number that starts with 026).

Western Union
Normally, payments by Western Union are processed within 3 business days. After this, the status of your order should change to Paid. If this is not the case, please contact us and submit your payment receipt containing the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).


    • I paid with DOKU. Why does the Order Status still say Awaiting Payment?

Please contact Doku to confirm whether your payment was made successfully.

You can contact DOKU by email: [email protected], or consult their FAQ page: http://doku.com/site/frequently-asked-questions.

If Doku confirms that your payment was made successfuly, please contact the Alipay online service with your proof of payment contains invoice number.

Why is my order being verified after I have already paid?

To ensure the safety of your payment, all orders on AliExpress will be verified. If you paid for your order by credit card, this process will take no longer than 24 hours. Once your payment is verified, the seller will start preparing your order for shipment. If we failed to verify your payment, your order will be automatically cancelled.

If after 24 hours your order is still being verified, please contact our Customer Service Team.



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