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GearBest Coupons – UPDATED every day

GearBest Coupons – UPDATED every day

Recently, we have been supplying you with various discounts on the foreign e-shop Gearbest, which offers a wide range of goods at quite attractive prices. The only drawback is that the vast majority of products are shipped from Asia warehouses. Some may be afraid of having to pay tax and duty, even though we always mention how to make an order in the article to avoid paying. For others, the long delivery time is disadvantageous.

Whether you belong to one, the other or the two groups, we have a good message for you – both of these negatives are zeroed out because GearBest has newly opened a warehouse in the Czech Republic, specifically in Prague, thus not only with certainty avoiding additional taxes and duties. you will have the goods at home literally within a few days.


The Best Page With GearBest Coupons
Check out the super page that offers GearBest coupons. These coupons are updated each day and divided into categories. Take a look at www.gearbest-coupons.com [/su_note]

It is also great that the free shipping remains, the goods will be at home within 2-7 days after ordering. Keep in mind, however, that the goods are still covered by the Chinese guarantee and all other conditions. At present, only a few dozen products are available in the Slovak warehouse. You will know them by choosing a store with the EU-5 label, which is the Prague one. Several such products have already been found, and even here we have discount codes from GearBest.

More coupons may be valid for a particular product, more preferred are listed (mostly) above.

These coupons can also be used multiple times within a single account, but they can not be combined. Therefore, you can always use only one discount code per order. Make sure you choose the most advantageous one, or resolve multiple orders to get more discounts.

The validity of coupons is usually not limited in time but by the number of discounted items. So if you’re thinking about a product, make sure you do not hesitate to use these discounts!

Active coupons can be found on website www.gearbest-coupons.com



How about transport and VAT for EUROPE?


Cheap goods with free transportation

Designation: Unregistered Air Mail
The vast majority of cheap goods can be ordered with free transportation. Therefore you do not pay any extra price for the ordered goods. However, since it is a consignment without a tracking number, it can be relatively easy to lose somewhere. However, GearBest will return your money in case of non-delivery.
The delivery time is about 1 to 2 months.
The package is mostly delivered by the Slovak Post.


BEST delivery without VAT 

Designation: Registered Air Mail
In general, EU Express Express is the best choice, Europe Railway Registered. Here you usually pay up to $ 10, but the shipment has a tracking number, and if it’s more expensive, GearBest would have a potential VAT or duty to deal with for you. However, the consignment may be detained by the customs administration. If you have paid something, you can complain to GearBest and ask for reimbursement of additional costs (based on the submitted document).
The delivery time is 14 days to approximately one month.
The package delivers DPD.


Fastest transport with DHL

Label: Expedited Shipping
If you want to have the goods as fast as possible, it is offered right through DHL.
For goods up to 22 EUR (approx. 25 USD), you do not pay VAT or customs duty.
For goods from 22 euros, 21% VAT must be paid on import from China to the EU.
At the price of goods above 150 euros (approx. USD 175) and imports from China, an additional customs duty is payable, approximately 15% (by type of goods). For example, mobile phones are exempt from customs at any price.
From DHL, you can leave the customs clearance for 2% of the total amount of taxes and duties, but always min. 550 € and max. 2000 Sk.
The delivery time is up to 7 days.



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