61. How to open dispute on Aliexpress step by step


Aliexpress has again changed the look of its pages in the area of orders and complaints. That’s why we’ve prepared a new guide on how to open a dispute on Aliexpress. You don’t have to worry about making this process more complicated. It’s basically very similar. It`s a different button layout. Just go through this guide and it will be really easy for you.

Do not forget that you can open the complaint even after the expiration of the protection period, within 15 days.

1. Opening a dispute and initiating a complaint

Open the list of your orders and find the goods you need to complain about. At this product click on Order details.

Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute vraceni penez 1b


After clicking on Order details, you will see information about the product. Click on Open dispute to open the dispute and start filling in the complaint form.


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2. Returns and complaints

In this section, you must decide whether you want to return the goods to the seller or complain about the order and request a refund (the goods will be yours in this case).

Return and refund – means that you want to send the goods back to the seller and return the entire amount of money you paid for the goods. However, with this option, you pay the postage back, not the seller.

Refund only – means that you:

a) the goods have not arrived and you are requesting the full amount of the refund, including postage

b) the goods have arrived but are damaged, for example, bad color, size does not match the description at the seller, incomplete order, etc. and you require a partial or total refund. We recommend that you always request an adequate amount of money for the problem you are complaining about. You do not send the goods back to the seller, but the goods will be yours.

Most of customers use the Refund only option, so we’ll focus on that now. So click on Refund Only.


Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return


3. Filling in the complaint form and requesting a refund

After selecting the Refund only option, you will be asked if you received your order (even if it was incomplete). Let’s look at both variants.

A) Order has arrived (YES)

If you received the order, select the first Yes button. After clicking on Yes, you will see a menu of reasons why you want to claim the goods. Choose the reason that best suits your situation.


Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return 7 sm


For example, if you select the Item does not resemble the description option, you will see another more detailed description of the claimed goods. Again, select according to your reason for the complaint, eg Size not as described. Then click Continue.


Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return 5


B) Order did not arrive  (NO)

You can start a complaint not only if your order has not arrived, but also when you do not have a tracking number for the shipment or your protection period expires soon. In these cases, feel free to open the dispute and select No (you did not receive the package). After selecting the option, you will see a list of cases why you are initiating a complaint. Other reasons may be that the package was returned to the seller by the transport company, the package is held by customs or that the package was sent to the wrong address. Select your case and select Continue.


Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return 8 sm


Filling in the required amount for the refund

You have moved to the next part of the form, where you must fill in the amount of money you want get back from the seller. For example, if the seller did not even send you the package, you will be refunded the full amount for the goods, including postage. The picture below is a case where the size of the goods does not fit and you have to write a range of at least $ 0.01 – at most $ 8.12. Fill in the amount and click Continue.


Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return 10


Prepare photos or video

It will not let you in the form unless you upload at least one photo or video. You must also write a text explaining why you are opening the dispute. Write the text ideally in English. You can upload a maximum of 6 photos. The size of the image must not exceed 5MB. Video size cannot be larger than 20MB. Upload only PNG, JPG, or GIF images. The video must be in MP4 format. Once you have completed everything, confirm your complaint by clicking Submit.


Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return 11


4. Error message

It is possible that you will receive this error message after clicking Submit. Nothing happens, go back to the Order detail and there you will see if the form was sent or not. For such cases, it is better to always copy the written text somewhere in the file “sideways” so that you can use it again.


Nove otevreni sporu open dispute aliexpress reklamace 2


You have successfully opened the dispute. What will happen now? See the next article 62. Refunds from Aliexpress complaints or 63. Appeal and disagreement with the result of Aliexpress complaints – Dispute escalation

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