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Wish shopping review, registrations, paying and delivery

Wish shopping review, registrations, paying and delivery

If you shop at Aliexpress, you may have also heard about Wish.com. This e-shop contains a large number of different deals with millions of products from around the world. It has over 50 million people.  In our article, you will get an overview of how Wish is going and how to shop on Wish or rather NOT TO BUY.



★ Attention ★

We MUST strongly warn you that WISH.COM is one big, overpriced scam that massively misplaces your head with massive misleading advertising. And not only to our friends, but also to other people who wanted to buy cheaply. Our website AliManiac.com have been offering for several years guides, tips and tips for the cheapest purchases from China. And that’s why we’d like to show you the whole truth about how you overshoot your shopping on WISH.com. Read everything in the article – Why you should NEVER shop on WISH.com – SCAM.


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From our own experience, we prefer to buy on Aliexpress. We recommend it to you as well. Aliexpress has a much better e-shop and free shipping for most products. If you want to buy quality electronics go to GearBest.com.


What is Wish

Wish is different from Aliexpress or eBay. But you can buy the same things there. You can find mainly fashionable clothes, cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, watches, accessories and much more. The goods come from China. In case you get the wrong size of the ordered goods or damaged goods, you can cancel the order. The quality of the goods is comparable to that of Aliexpress. However Aliexpress has a better product reviews. On Wish.com you do not know what will really arrive. Do not expect the same beauty as the main image.


Wish nakupovani shopping


Registration is required. You can do it very simply, for example via Facebook or email. It is really easy. Just click on the selected registration form and proceed as instructed.

Wish nakupovani shopping 2


Order and payment

Choose the product you are interested in. Then select the size, color, and possibly another specification and put “Buy“. The goods will automatically move you to the shopping cart where you can look at it. In case you want to pay for the goods, click on “Checkout“. Subsequently, you will be redirected to complete delivery details. Then click on “Next” to get your order. Payment is possible either by credit card or via PayPal. You should see the order you paid in the order history. If you have any problems, please contact Wish.com Customer Support.

A) Select item


B) Delivery address and payment

C) Payment

Time and delivery method

Disadvantage: You will most likely have to pay a shipping at Wish.com. You can buy the same goods at Aliexpress with free shipping. The shipping price is listed for each product, so you can easily calculate it. Also consider longer delivery times.

Complaints and Returns

In case you receive defective goods or bad size, you can return the goods within 30 days or claim an order. In the case of a recognized claim, the money will be returned to the same account as you used to pay the order.

It may also happen that you have created an order, but you have changed your purchase. If you still have not sent your goods, you can cancel your order in your order history.

 How does a refund work?

To return the order, the button below will direct you to the Order History page. Simply select the item and click Contact Support to communicate directly with Wish Customer Service.

View order history

  • Customers can request a refund for any order within 30 days of delivery.
  • The Wish customers service tries to respond to all requests within 72 hours or less.
  • Once the order is done and you change your mind, you can cancel the order in the Order History section before it is sent.
  • If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with sending the shipment, you can always contact Wish for further assistance.

How do I get my refund back?

  • The returned money is sent back in at same bank account that the order was made.
  • You can usually expect your payment provider to credit your refund within 14 business days. If you have trouble retrieving money, we recommend that you contact your payment provider for further assistance.
  • All Wish gifts are valid only once.
  • Wish does not provide compensation for the cost of returning goods, customs duties, taxes, postage or VAT related costs.

How to apply a promo code?

  • The value and expiration date of the Wish gift box can be seen in the Remuneration section. The voucher will automatically be used to pay an additional order for all products covered.
  • Gift vouchers can not be used to pay for postage. Gift vouchers expire at midnight on expiration date.
  • The promotional offers are limited in time and are based on the terms of the offer. The action can not be restored after its expiration.


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