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Tutorial 14 – Open Dispute on Aliexpress

12th December 2017,  has blogged 77 posts

Purchase Protection Do not ignore email from Aliexpress, that your Purchase protection will end soon. This is a right time to process it by  Confirm Order Received or Open Dispute. Another possibility is Request to extend Purchase Protection. In this tutorial we will run through Open dispute option step by step. Open dispute Go to My Orders and Refunds & Disputes. Find

Tutorial 08 – Place and pay an order on Aliexpress

11th December 2017,  has blogged 77 posts

Adding product to shopping cart First choose the color, size, shipping method and then click the Add to Cart. A window appears, which informs you that the goods have been added to the Shopping Cart. It says how many pieces is in your cart. Furthermore, you have two options: View shopping cart – look at your cart Continue

Tutorial 02 – How to register on AliExpress

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To be able to shop on Aliexpress is important to register first. This registration will allow you to place order, communicate with the seller, track your shipments and payments. Registration on Aliexpress is Free. Follow the instructions below.   How to register? Open the Aliexpress page . In the upper right corner you will find the button

Tutorial 01 – What is Aliexpress, Aliexpres, Ali Express , Alixpress, alliexpress

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Shopping in China is very popular, especially because of the range of products and also because of prices that are more than favorable. This trend is subject to more and more people, and for them we have designed this series to guide you through the world of shopping on What is Aliexpress was


24 – Purchase protection for buyers on Aliexpress

27th September 2017,  has blogged 77 posts

What does the protection buyer Buyer Protection means on AliExpress? AliExpress mainly wants satisfied customers. They try to provide the best possible service. Therefore, to protect their customers from unreliable sellers. The purchase protection can be used, for example, if: goods have not arrived on time goods does not match the product description of the seller


31 – UPDATE – How to open dispute on Aliexpress

8th September 2017,  has blogged 77 posts

Do you remember the change how to sign in on AliExpress? Now there is another novelty, which relates to how to open dispute on AliExpress. You can still claim the goods on AliExpress, but the layout and choice of how to make a complaint is a little different. For illustration and explanation of changes is here for

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Tutorial 28 – How to get discount coupons on AliExpress

16th August 2017,  has blogged 77 posts

If you shop on the AliExpress, you’ve saved a lot of money already. Thanks to our manuals how to shop there and we will learn you how to save even more money on Aliexpress. We will write about the discount coupons that you can get on AliExpress. We would recommend you to watch our site because we

35. What do the different order statuses on AliExpress mean – PRIDAT OBRAZKY

8th June 2017,  has blogged 7 posts

Shopping on Aliexpress is a piece of cake. Just follow our manuals and you will understand all the terms used by Aliexpress. Each order on Aliexpress goes through a certain state. In this manual, we will tell you what the different status mean. We start in the order from the order itself to the confirmation

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29 – How to use discount coupons on AliExpress

9th May 2017,  has blogged 77 posts

In the previous tutorials you have seen how to get discount coupons on AliExpress, and today we take a look at how to use these discount coupons. 1. Check if you have valid coupons Before you start buying, go to Coupons section to see which coupons you have active. You can see Coupon Status, it`s valid, so you can use it


11 Tutorial – How to add product to Wish List on Aliexpress

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Have you seen Wish List on Aliexpress? Do you know how does it work? After adding products to that list you don`t have to looking for your favorite product again and again. It’s kind of your personal secret list. The big advantage of this is that Aliexpress is monitoring the prices for you. So you can buy your


Tutorial 23 – Removing credit card from AliPay – AliExpress

20th January 2016,  has blogged 77 posts

This article is about how to add or remove your credit card from AliPay. When you pay your order on Aliexpress you are offered to save your credit card to AliPay. This function allows you to pay next order without filling all data of your credit card. Sometimes it can happen that you confirm saving your data by accident and then you