55. How do I get an Invoice for goods from AliExpress?

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Saturday, October 2, 2021

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Aliexpress has added a new feature to its website, which is to download invoices for purchased goods. This function will be useful for you, for example, when filling out a customs declaration or proving that you have already paid VAT. You can find more about the issue of the new VAT Act in the Important Articles.

Where can I download an invoice from Aliexpress?

After logging in to your Aliexpress account, select My orders in the menu.


Faktura Invoice Aliexpress download stahnout moje objednavky CZ


You will see a list of orders you have placed on Aliexpress. Find the product for which you need an invoice. In the right part of the product you will find the Download Invoice button. Click on Download Invoice. The invoice will be automatically saved to your computer in PDF format.

The invoice can be downloaded only for products from 1.7.2021.

Aliexpress tax DPH faktura invoice stazeni CZa

What information can I find on the Aliexpress invoice?

In the picture you can see the invoice downloaded directly from Aliexpress. You can find there important information such as invoice number, issue date, store name, order number, VAT amount, amount in USD, amount in EUR, conversion from USD to EUR and the exchange rate, etc.

The seller’s address is not listed on the invoice.

Here is the address for Aliexpress:

Alibaba.com Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited,
8 Shenton Way, #45-01 AXA Tower, Singapore


Faktura Invoice Aliexpress download stahnout CZ


What is the IOSS number of Aliexpress?

Unfortunately, the invoice does not show the IOSS number (“Import One Stop Shop”, which means single administrative place for import. This number must be stated when filling in the customs declaration (if it is necessary to fill it in).

IOSS Aliexpress number:  IM5280002556


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