53. Product search by image – Great new feature


All around the world, there are many dealers who sell identical goods from Aliexpress. They order the goods from Aliexpress and sell them in the local e-shop for a much higher price. In most cases, they use the same images as it is on Aliexpress.

You are probably wondering how to find out if I can buy he goods I see on the Internet (eg on WISH, facebook, etc.) on Aliexpress? All of this will show you an advanced image search that was recently added to Aliexpress Superstar. In the article, we will show you that just a few clicks are enough to find the same product and you will save a lot of money.

1. Add Aliexpress Superstar to your browser

The first condition for using the image search function is to have the Aliexpress Superstar added in your browser. In addition to searching, the add on offers you a lot of other useful functions such as a price history chart, seller rating, currency conversion, display different currencies, notification of the approaching end of the protection period. More detailed information and links for installing the add-on can be found in manual 39. History and price comparator on Aliexpress.


2. Search by image

Once you have Aliexpress Superstar in your browser, you can start searching. Here is a short procedure:

A. Open the page with the product you want to search for on Aliexpress. (like wish.com)

B. Move the mouse cursor over the image and press the right mouse button.

C. You will see a menu of options for what you can do with the image. Click on . For faster orientation, the line has the AliSuperstar logo – an orange star in a red circle.

D. The search will take a while, so give it some time. The result will be really worth it! If the search was successful, you will see several products from various sellers, including prices. This way you can choose from whom to buy for the best price. In addition, you can sort the searched products both by price and by the number of orders.

E. In the end, just click on the product and it will be displayed on Aliexpress.com


3. Search example

a) Wish.com

This e-shop offers exactly the same goods as on Aliexpress, but for higher prices. We have already warned our customers and registered users in the article that Wish.com is just an overpriced Aliexpress. Those who did not believe it can now verify for themselves.  As you can see in the sample, you can buy identical goods much cheaper on Aliexpress. As an example, we chose a very popular dress for bridesmaids. Wish.com offers this dress for $18 + $5 shipping, that`s $23 for this women dress. But you can buy exactly the same dress for Aliexpress from $7. That’s a big difference, isn’t it?

Search by the image Aliexpress Superstar wish dress searching yellow find


After clicking on “Find the same product according to the picture on Aliexpress“, your request will start to be processed. The search takes a while, but the result is worth it. You will see dresses from several vendors, so you can choose.


Search by the image Aliexpress Superstar wish dress searching boho



Search results:

Search by the image Aliexpress Superstar wish dress result 2


b) FB

You can see that Facebook users are asking “Don’t you know how to find this item on Aliexpress?”. Feel free to send them a link to this article and advise them on how to install the Aliexpress Superstar add-on.

c) You can try searching at any other e-shop

You can also try the search in your favorite store not only with clothes. From my own experience I can say that I ordered a lot of products on local e-shops before my friend told me about Aliexpress. Now, I know that the products are the same and  correspond to the quality from Aliexpress. But when you look at the price difference, it’s really big. You can also use this function to search for similar goods and not directly identical ones.



For many people, the motivation to buy from local dealers may be that they have a legal obligation regarding a two-year warranty. Ask yourself if it is really worth buying the same goods (also in terms of quality) and paying 4-6 times more money for it? Communication with Aliexpress or other Chinese e-shops is very simple in terms of complaints. The complaint does not last 30 days, you do not have to send the goods anywhere and you do not even have to speak English. You simply type the text into Google Translator and with just a click you have the translated text in sufficient form.

If you have any questions about the new image search function, be sure to write to us by email or here in the comments below the article.


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