62. Dispute finished – refund & return money on Aliexpress


In Article 61. How to open dispute on Aliexpress – step by step, you learned how to fill out a dispute form on Aliexpress. In this article, you will see how the dispute continues and when you will be refunded.

Dispute process

When you open the dispute don`t forget to check it`s update in Order details. It might happen that the seller will provide you some solution whitch you don`t prefer. If you don`t unswear till the time limit approximetaly 2 days, Aliexpress will close the dispute with seller proposal. If the seller offers you an option that suits you, you can accept it and you don`t  have to wait for a statement from Aliexpress. At this stage, you still have the opportunity to edit the dispute and upload additional evidence, e.g. about the non-functionality of the goods.

It really depends what type of goods is claimed. If it is clear that the seller sent you the wrong color of clothing, you can count on immediate approval of the dispute. Aliexpress approves these simple cases very quickly. Just attach enough photos, video and describe your problem.

Aliexpress intervenes in the dispute if you cannot find a solution with the seller. Aliexpress will decide how big refund you should get based on your information and answers from seller. This should prevent from creating fake disputes. A customer who has a lot of fake disputes can be blocked from shopping on Aliexpress. Read more in the article How to avoid blocking your account on Aliexpress.

Refund & Return

The money will be returned to you in 3-20 business days. It also depends on your bank processesing time. You can also see this information for the claimed product, see the image below. Always check your payment on the date you placed your order.

You will also see the status of your dispute in the order details of the product. Dispute closed means that dispute is finished. You can also find the history of the entire proces of dispute.

Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return 13 finished history

Information on refunding your money can be found in Refund information.

Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return dispute finished 15a


Refunds & returns history

You can find all your disputes in the Refund & Return tab. By clicking on View history, you will see the timeline of your dispute and its result.

Reklamace Aliexpress aktualni navod open dispute refund return 12


We have a very positive experience with refunds on Aliexpress, so don’t be afraid to order. Just attach enough evidence (photos, videos) and descreption of what happened. If you disagree with the result of dispute, you can escalate your dispute. You will learn how to do this in the next tutorial 63. Appeal and disagreement with the result of a complaint on Aliexpress – Escalation of a dispute

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