44. How to avoid blocking your account on Aliexpress

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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Have Aliexpress blocked your account due to abusive buyer protection? Then read on.


zruseni uctu aliexpress


Aliexpress users like to open disputes, even if they are not eligible for them. They simply test whether they will go through and have free goods. It’s not fair to Aliexpress sellers. And Aliexpress is trying to protect them. Here are examples of abuse of buyer protection.

If you have a problem with a purchase you made, you can contact Aliexpress. But you can`t open dispute in these cases:

  • Opening a case when you’ve already received a refund
  • Opening a case as retaliation against a seller
  • Making false claims against a seller


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What guidelines should be followed?

If you do not want to block your Aliexpress account, follow these instructions.



  • You can open dispute if you did`t receive the item and you haven’t been able to resolve the issue directly with the seller
  • You can open dispute if the item you received didn’t match the product description or it`s broken

Not allowed

  • Opening dispute and say that you have not received the goods, even if it is not true
  • If you claim that the goods do not match the product description, but the goods match the product description.
  • Opening a dispute when you received a refund from the seller or a refund from your payment service provider
  • Opening a dispute against a seller as a form of retaliation following previous disputes
  • You are threatening to open a dispute against a seller in order to obtain a discount or additional goods and services
  • Excessive opening of buyer protection cases

Be sure to follow the above instructions. Otherwise, Aliexpess could have undergone a number of disciplinary measures, including limiting your purchasing rights and suspending or terminating your account. In addition, if it suspends or terminates Aliexpress your account, it may also suspend or terminate all accounts (including newly created) that Aliexpress considers to be related to you. All this on the basis of the information it has about the relevant accounts (registration information, credit card information, and computer information). In short, act by the rules and you should avoid canceling your account. Be in touch with sellers, and if you are afraid that your purchase protection is running out, prolong it.

More information about how to extend your purchase protection:

Purchase protection for buyers on Aliexpress

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  1. I don’t understand this message you sent me. I have never opened a dispute with any of your seller’s.
    As a matter of fact, I haven’t placed an order, so, there would be no need to pose a dispute with any of your members.
    I believe you have the wrong email address. If you can show proof that the dispute came from my account on file, please share that information with me. Somebody could have obtained my account information, it has happened before.
    If this is a message being sent to all account holders, you should have conveyed this in the opening of your rules.
    Quite frankly, I would not have to use trickery in order to get an item, my ethics are above that level.
    Mr. R J Carrube

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