Home Aliexpress Articles Shopping on Aliexpress REMAIN cheap. AliExpress will open a logistics center in Poland before 11.11.2021

Shopping on Aliexpress REMAIN cheap. AliExpress will open a logistics center in Poland before 11.11.2021

Shopping on Aliexpress REMAIN cheap. AliExpress will open a logistics center in Poland before 11.11.2021

We have great news. Alibaba, as the owner of the Aliexpress portal, will open a logistics center in Poland. This logistics center will serve primarily for Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria or Germany. The construction of this 10,000 m2 warehouse will not only speed up purchases, but will also eliminate the need to deal with customs procedures.

Opening date

The logistics center should open before 11.11.2021, near the city of Łódž. Polish can look forward, that packages will be delivered within 3 days. And residents of large cities (Warsaw, Lodz, Katowice and Krakow) can expect the Aliexpress package the next day.

Aliexpress is very popular

Aliexpress is popular not only in China, but also in Russia, the USA, Spain, France, Brazil and Poland. Therefore, they also decided to build another warehouse in Poland. In Spain, for example, Aliexpress opened the first stone shop in Europe in August 2019. Other logistics centers are also planned.

Poland is our regional center in Central and Eastern Europe. For AliExpress, it was a natural investment choice for the first logistics center in the region, “said Gary Topp, General Manager for Central and Eastern Europe.


Do you currently want to avoid problems with the customs office in European Union? We have a very simple solution that works.

If you do not want to do anything with customs declaration, deal with anything with the local Post, then just choose the correct delivery option when purchasing products on Aliexpress.

If you order from a warehouse in China and not in warehouse in the EU (faster but also a little more expensive option), the best way to bypass any issues, is by choosing a transport called Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

If you choose this type of transport (which is not free, but costs about 1-2 USD), then the package should come home without any customs declaration in EU. This package goes through a transhipment point in the EU and the customs procedure takes place in another EU Member State. The package will therefore come to your country already cleared and delivered directly to your home. By choosing Aliexpress Standard Shipping, you will receive goods much faster than ordinary free shipping – Free Shipping.

ATTENTION: Delivery via Aliexpress Standard Shipping is not available for every product on Aliexpress. But we have a solution for you.  You need to find same product on Aliexpress with another seller, where this Aliexpress standard shipping is available. and it`s easy. All you have to do is add the Aliexpress superstar tool in your browser and you will use it to find the same product by picture, often for a much cheaper price. Among other things, the tool will show you the price history of how the price has developed over the last year, display the price in different currencies.  Already 30,000 people have taken advice from us and use this extension for everyday shopping. Do you shopping in smart way also.  and don’t buy unnecessarily overpriced things. It’s really cheap, if you know how to do it.



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