How to search European warehouses on Aliexpress

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Monday, May 10, 2021

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Due to the new EU laws, some of us will also order goods from European Aliexpress warehouses. And why? Because from July 1, 2021, the law will come into force, due to which we will pay VAT on all shipments from third countries. If you order the same goods from a European warehouse, you do not have to pay VAT or customs duties if you live in EU. At present, not everything is ideally set up yet. For some products, there is a higher postage when ordering from European warehouses. Delivery times are around 7 days in Europe. You can read more about the new law in the article What will change from 1.7.2021 and how to avoid high fees?

How to find a European warehouse? We have instructions here:


On the Aliexpress main bar, after clicking on the filter, you will be able to choose the country to which you will deliver the goods.


Jak vyhledat Evropsky sklad Aliexpress ship from


After clicking on Ship from, you will see the countries from which the goods can be delivered to you.


Jak vyhledat Evropsky sklad Aliexpress 2a


We tried to choose the Spain warehouse and there was a lot of products.


Ako vyhladat europske sklady Aliexpress


It may also happen to you that even if you have chosen delivery to the Czech Republic, it will find a product for you, but in the end it will not deliver it to you from Poland and you will have to choose delivery directly from China when ordering.


Jak vyhledat Evropsky sklad Aliexpress nemuze dorucit 2


If you don’t already use the Aliexpress Superstar browser add-on, be sure to add it. Not only does it show you the price history, search by image, different currencies and much more.


If you need to search for delivery from the European warehouse on the mobile application, follow the instructions. Open the application and click on the stick figure Account in the bottom right. You will get to your profile. After clicking on the gear, the Application Settings will be displayed.

Jak vyhledat Evropsky sklad Aliexpress mobilni aplikace 5a      Jak vyhledat Evropsky sklad Aliexpress mobilni aplikace 6a

In the application settings, select where you want to deliver the goods. For example Ship to Czech republic.

Jak vyhledat Evropsky sklad Aliexpress mobilni aplikace 7a


In the search window, type what you are looking for. For example dress and than you will see Filter. After clicking on the filter, you can select the countries from which you wish to deliver the goods. Choose and confirm your choice with the DONE button.


Jak vyhledat Evropsky sklad Aliexpress mobilni aplikace 4a Jak vyhledat Evropsky sklad Aliexpress mobilni aplikace a


The price of goods and transport may depends on the country you choose.


Goods with delivery within 7 days

If you are in a hurry for any goods, we enclose a link to the goods, which should be delivered to you within 7 days. The selection of goods is not so large, but you may be interested in something. Just click on the link and you will get to the Aliexpress page with a selection of products.

Fast delivery from Europe


The situation with European warehouses is not completely ideal. But even today we receive shipments from the Netherlands, even though we checked China when ordering. Follow our site and find out everything you need to shop at Aliexpress.

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