How to avoid blocking account on Aliexpress

44. How to avoid blocking your account on Aliexpress

Have Aliexpress blocked your account due to abusive buyer protection? Then read on.     Aliexpress users like to open disputes, even if they are not eligible...
How to write leave feedback product Aliexpress ENG

36. How to write a feedback or review on AliExpress

Once you confirm that the goods arrived to your home, Aliexpress will ask you to give them feedback. It serves as a guideline for...

35. What do the different order status on AliExpress mean – ADD

Shopping on Aliexpress is a piece of cake. Just follow our manuals and you will understand all the terms used by Aliexpress. Each order...

31 – UPDATE – How to open dispute on Aliexpress

Do you remember the change how to sign in on AliExpress? Now there is another novelty, which relates to how to open dispute on AliExpress. You...
hot to use coupon discount aliexpress

29. How to use discount coupons on AliExpress

In the previous tutorials you have seen how to get discount coupons on AliExpress, and today we take a look at how to use these...
aliexpress discount coupons shopping

28. How to get discount coupons on AliExpress

If you shop on the AliExpress, you've saved a lot of money already. Thanks to our manuals how to shop there and we will learn...
Aliexpress shopping in china shop online ENG

How to shop from China – Aliexpress

Alimaniac is here to help you shop in China. There is a lot of rules and advices for shopping on, which we summarized into clear...

24. Purchase protection for buyers on Aliexpress

What does the protection buyer Buyer Protection means on AliExpress? AliExpress mainly wants satisfied customers. They try to provide the best possible service. Therefore, to...

23. How to Add / Remove credit card from AliPay – AliExpress

This article is about how to add or remove your credit card from AliPay. When you pay your order on Aliexpress you are offered to save your credit card...
How to open dispute Aliexpress ENG

14. How to Open Dispute on Aliexpress

Purchase Protection Do not ignore email from Aliexpress, that your Purchase protection will end soon. This is a right time to process it by  Confirm Order Received...

11. How to add product to Wish List on Aliexpress

Have you seen Wish List on Aliexpress? Do you know how does it work? After adding products to that list you don`t have to looking...

08. Place and pay order on Aliexpress

Adding product to shopping cart First choose the color, size, shipping method and then click the Add to Cart. A window appears, which informs you that the...

07. Shipping address setup / change on Aliexpress

If you want the goods to arrive safely, it is necessary to properly fill in your profile Delivery Address.  After log in, you open...

02. How to register on AliExpress

To be able to shop on Aliexpress is important to register first. This registration will allow you to place order, communicate with the seller, track...

01. What is Aliexpress and how to buy here

Shopping in China is very popular, especially because of the range of products and also because of prices that are more than favorable. This...