11. How to add product to Wish List on Aliexpress

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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Have you seen Wish List on Aliexpress? Do you know how does it work? After adding products to that list you don`t have to looking for your favorite product again and again. It’s kind of your personal secret list. The big advantage of this is that Aliexpress is monitoring the prices for you. So you can buy your product for cheapest price.


Creating a Wish List

On the main menu on Aliexpress choose Wish List. And then on the left side you have a panel, click on the Create a Wish List. Into box List name write name of your Wish List for example Christmas Gifts. Select whether you want to be wishlist Public or Private. Public list is open to all users and can even share it. Private one is just for you, so you can put anything there. Of course, you can set all of them to private. This brings me also to the fact that there is a possibility of creating more wish lists. Privacy settings can be changed later via the Edit sheet in the upper right section of wish list.


How to add product to wish list



Jak pridat zbozi do wish listu 4


Another way to create a new wish list is during shopping of the product when you click on the Add to Wish List. And either you choose that you want the goods to add to the already existing Wish Lists or create a new one. That’s up to you. Look at the stored goods can again via the main menu bar, and bookmark Aliexpress Wish List.


Jak pridat zbozi do wish listu


Tracking goods which have been discounted

If you want to filter out the goods in your Wish List, depending on which items are being discounted, and click on Pay Less List.


Jak pridat zbozi do wish listu 3



Sharing Wish List

Your Public Wish list can be shared on social networks, eg. If you want to show off your friends what you are going to order 🙂 It’s very simple, just click on one of the icons, where the arrow in the image below. It depends on where you want your Wish List to share.

Jak pridat zbozi do wish listu 5


I showed you how to add products to the wish list. You can also Remove the products from your wish list. Products don`t disappear automatically, you have to remove it manually by using button Remove.




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