14. How to Open Dispute on Aliexpress


Purchase Protection

Do not ignore email from Aliexpress, that your Purchase protection will end soon. This is a right time to process it by  Confirm Order Received or Open Dispute. Another possibility is Request to extend Purchase Protection. In this tutorial we will run through Open dispute option step by step.

Jak otevrit spor na Aliexpress

Open dispute

Go to My Orders and Refunds & Disputes. Find the order that you want to Open Dispute. You can do this in two ways by click on Open Dispute or View Detail. If you click on Open Dispute, so you will be redirected tothe same page as if you click on View details.


how to open dispute aliexpress



You will see there Order Number, Status and important Reminder. This Reminder show you when your Purchase Protection will end.

how to open dispute aliexpress


Completing the form

By clicking on Open Dispute, basic form will pop up for you. After filling it out completely, click on Submit to send the information directly to the supplier. In the form you have answer on the questions if you have received your package, type your solution, provide clear reason for your refund. It is highly recommended to upload a lot of evidence during the dispute process to support your claim. For example photos or video.


  • If you return the package – you will pay postal cost
  • If you used coupons for the order – coupon won`t be refunded
  • Size of video is maximum 200 MB
  • Size of photos is maximum 2 MB

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Received your package

If you have received your and you are no satisfief with it, you have to fill also these information.

You have to select your problem:

Product not as described could be Material not as described.

Choose Quality problem, for example your mobile Does not work properly.

Or you received Damaged goods, so pick Product arrived damaged.

If you order Shipping method DHL, but your package arrived by EMS choose Shipping method was not as described.

Other problem can be with Quantity shortage, your package was empty.

And last option is that you`ve Received counterfeit goods. Whether you choose your option make sure that you will provide enough evidence for your claim.

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Dispute Process

After submitting the Open Dispute form, the supplier has 15 days to respond and try to reach an agreement with the buyer. If the supplier doesn`t reply till 15 days, the dispute will be automatically escalated to Aliexpress Dispute Team. If you don`t agree with supplier solution or supplier doesn`t answer to your message, you don`t have wait 15 days. Buyer is allowed to Escalate dispute before 15 days, but minimum after 3 days. If the seller approves your solution, and the dispute is closed and the money will be automatically refunded to your account.


Modify Dispute

During the waiting for reply there might be new evidence about your package. For example watches stops working. There is possibility to Modify Dispute. In Refund and Disputes find your order and click on View Detail. By clicking on Modify Dispute you can edit your dispute, add photos etc.

Cancel dispute

Never Cancel dispute before getting money or package back. It can happen that the package didn`t arrive in Delivery Time. Package can be delayed for 2 days and by fair play you should Cancel Dispute and confirm receipt of your order in case you are satisfied with it. But once you close your dispute there is no chance to claim anything again back. Before you cancelling dispute make sure that your order is in perfect condition. Sometimes the seller will propose a discount on your next purchase in the form of a coupon or payment to Paypal account. Be careful, because once you close the dispute and the seller might not send you any money, so I do not have any opportunity to escalate the dispute anymore.

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Dispute Timeline

You can see timeline of your dispute if you click on Your refund progress. 

how to open dispute aliexpress


When you will receive your refund

From that date you see as orange dot Refund completed, Aliexpress send your money back to your bank account. When you will get your money, it depends on your Payment Method. Normaly it is about 7-10 days. If you did not get your refund please contact your bank. Money will be returned to the account, from which you have made an order.

Tabulka Ali


  1. What happenes if i.m not happy with the answer of the dispute from aliexpress? I bought 4 photo albums. 4 came damaged. 32dolares.
    The provider said after a lot of days just wasting time with silly questions…repetwd questions. Seams the person didnt understand english. That theyd give half money back cos they were damages but ok. (1 was wet!) Ali express said 6 dolares back. Closed dispute. And thats it. I dont agree.
    But now i can answer anywhere i dont agreem

  2. please I opened dispute with the seller,the processes are done and the dispute is finished. but Ive not received my refund yet.
    I had a message that unless I accept the sellers solution but I’m using the aliexpress app and can’t see anything just dispute finished.


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