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Shopping on Aliexpress is a piece of cake. Just follow our manuals and you will understand all the terms used by Aliexpress. Each order on Aliexpress goes through a certain state. In this manual, we will tell you what the different status mean. We start in the order from the order itself to the confirmation of your goods.

Order statuses on Aliexpress

You can find the description of your order status directly in the My Aliexpress section by selecting My Orders. Or also in the emails sent to you by Aliexpress when the order is changed. Now, let us take a closer look at each order status that may appear in the Order Status.

  1. Awaiting Payment = Aliexpress is waiting for you to pay the goods

This order status means you have not paid the order yet. Click on Pay Now to pay for the order. It may happen that even if you already paid the order, you still see this status. Check your bank account to see if your credit card payment was alright and it is in unpaid transactions.

  1. Payment being verified

This status will appear after every paid order. It means that your payment is being verified. The Aliexpress payment is validated within 24 hours, but is usually verified earlier. There is usually no problem with verifying your payment. In this state, the order can be canceled without the seller’s approval.

  1. Awaiting shipment

If the payment is validated, it goes into Awaiting shipment and waits for a shipment. At the bottom of the order is the time until when the seller has to send the order. If he does not do so within this deadline, the order will automatically be closed and you will be refunded to your account. You do not have to ask for a refund. Everything happens automatically via AliExpress. You can extend the delivery period by using the Request to Extend purchase protection time button. In this state, the order can also be canceled, but the seller has to approve it.

Purchase protection for buyers on Aliexpress
  1. Awaiting delivery = The goods have been shipped and you are waiting for delivery

Once the seller sends the consignment, your order changes to Awaiting delivery status. If you click on the order, on the top of the page you see the deadline until when the goods have to be delivered. The time limit may be extended with the seller’s approval. You can do this yourself or ask the seller to do so. You will find the link for Extend Purchase Protection in order details. In this state, the order can no longer be canceled.

  1. Finished or Fund processing = Finished order

This order status appears after the delivery of the goods and after you click on Confirm Goods Received button or automatically after the expiration of the delivery deadline. Check if the goods contain all the parts and match the quality. After all of this you can confirm goods delivery. After that the order closes and the status changes to the Finished state. Fund processing means that Aliexpress will release money to the seller for his goods. This information is irrelevant to you. Important is, you can open a dispute in 15 days after you confirmed your order. But you can not Leave Feedback immediately after accepting the goods. If you forgot to confirm the receipt of the goods, a Confirmation Time out message appears. It does not matter to anything.

Beware of other order statuses

1.Frozen order( Suspicious Order )

The order was stopped directly from Aliexpress. After that, the order goes to Frozen Order status. It means that the Aliexpress seller is somehow suspicious and in 99% of cases the order is canceled. The money is automatically returned to the buyer.

2. Cancel order/ Closed

This status will appear when you cancel the order. Money is returned to your account within a few days.

3.Dispute finished

Order status after a closed dispute. A refund will come to the same account from which the order was paid.


  1. My account is deactivated and i claimed refund from credit card company for orders i didn’t receive now the status shows order frozen. Will i get refund?


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